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A Strength and Intelligence Pandawa build.


  • A very versatile fighter.
  • Has some strong attacks.
  • Has two good AoE spells.


  • Is expensive to do correctly.
  • Needs scrolling for full effectiveness.
  • Not too great untill epic levels.
  • Has Range issues.


  1. Scroll at least Intelligence and Strength to 101. You really can't afford to lose out on any points.
  2. Raise Intelligence to 200.
  3. Raise Strength to 200.
  4. Raise Intelligence to 250.
  5. Raise Strength to 250.
  6. Raise what you feel you need, though you'll have few points left at this stage.
  7. You should also aim to fully scroll all your other stats at some point.


Useful Class SpellsEdit

Icon Name Level Notes
Boozer Boozer 1 Makes you become drunk, also gives you % Resistance. Needed for quite a few spells.
BlazingFist Blazing Fist 1 One of your range boostable spells. Good against things which have high earth resistance.
Hangover Hangover 1 One of your range boostable spells. Good against things which have high fire resistance.
Karcham Karcham 17 Picks up a player. Useful both in team fights and solo whe used with Chamrak.
Vertigo Vertigo 21 When using Karcham character being held looses __hp every time they move for that turn
Chamrak Chamrak 31 Throws a carried player. Useful with Karcham.
Stain Stain 42 Can be useful, though very random effect.
BambooMilk Bamboo Milk 48 Removes you from state drunk and unbewitches you. Nice thing to have.
ExplosiveFlask Explosive Flask 70 Does fire damage in an AoE for low AP cost.
Pandatak Pandatak 80 Does high earth damage at range in a linear AoE.
Pandawa-Icon-Spell-Pandiniuras Pandiniuras 90 Gives MP to the caster or an ally. Must be drunk to use. Can be a nice buff for yourself, to get close to or further away from an oponent, or to help an ally.
Pandawa-Icon-Spell-Spirit Bond Spirit Bond 100 Summons a Pandawasta. A useful summon. It has high Agility and can buff to get even more. It can be a little foolish though, and often runs away from the thing which you want it to lock, less you stop it from moving.

Spell GuideEdit


See Leveling guide


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