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Pandikazes' Hideout
Recommended Level 3 Hard
Area Neutral Pandala
Subarea Border of Aerdala
Coords [18,-36]
Key used to enter Pandikaze Dungeon Key
Accepts Bunch of Keys Yes
Rewards Little White Bow Meow, Emote Scroll: Point (once)
Exclusive monsters Pandora Master, Aerial Pandikaze, Giddy Pandikaze, Pandikaze Warrior, Pandikwakaze, Pandulkaze
Other details

Pandikazes' Hideout is a dungeon.

Formerly known as Lair of the Pandikazes.


Pandikazes' Hideout is found at (18,-36) in Border of Aerdala.


Entry requires giving a Pandikaze Dungeon Key to Mamowa, which is consumed.


Mobs do not vary. Challenging is possible.


Pandikazes' Hideout First Room

Room 1

Pandikazes' Hideout First Room(Tactical)

Room 1 (Tactical Mode)

Room 1[]

Pandikazes' Hideout Second Room

Room 2

Pandikazes' Hideout Second Room(Tactical)

Room 2 (Tactical Mode)

Room 2[]

Pandikazes' Hideout Third Room

Room 3

Pandikazes' Hideout Third Room(Tactical)

Room 3 (Tactical Mode)

Room 3[]

Pandikazes' Hideout Fourth Room

Room 4

Pandikazes' Hideout Fourth Room(Tactical)

Room 4 (Tactical Mode)

Room 4[]

Pandikazes' Hideout Fifth Room

Room 5

Pandikazes' Hideout Fifth Room(Tactical)

Room 5 (Tactical Mode)

Room 5[]


Upon completing the dungeon players will receive the Emote Scroll: Point (only if you do not have the emote).

It is also the only place to find Pandora Master, Aerial Pandikaze, Giddy Pandikaze, Pandikaze Warrior, Pandikwakaze and Pandulkaze.

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