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NPC Details
Area Wabbit Islands
Peawly Mowning Wabbit
Location Gwimace Island
Coords (27,-11)
Options Talk

Peawly Mowning Wabbit is an NPC. Formerly known as Wabbit of Peawly Mowning.



Blimey, you'we a big one! Don't mess with me, mate, I'm the Peawly Mowning Wabbit, one of the most powewful Wabbits in the wowld. I've been blessed by the Singing Staw, so stop looking at me like that, ow thewe'll be twouble! You wouldn't attack me, would you? I caused the destwuction of the gweat Effete Towew, you know...

Stop stawing at me! You wouldn't attack me, wight? Look at me! I'm tiny, I'm all alone, and I have such sweet little eyes. You couldn't huwt such a lovely cweatuwe, could you? You know what they say, the stwongest shouldn't attack the weakest...wight? Wight? Tell you what, how about, I give you a nice, shiny key and you leave me alone. Deal?

Dawn, I must have lost it somewhewe. Don't fwown at me like that, it can't be faw away... I bet one of my buddies has picked it up. Go and play-westle with a few Wo and Gwandpa Wabbits and you should find it. Stop stawing at me like that! I don't have it any mowe so thewe's no point stawting with me!


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To get to Peawly Mowning Wabbit enter the burrow at (26,-8) and exit at (26,-11).