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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Location Astrub City
Coords [6,-18]
Details Inside the Inn
Options Talk

Pesto is an NPC.



*looks at you with big eyes*

Melt like an ice cube in the Rocky Inlet's sunshine, and stroke Pesto's head.
*wags its tail and wiggles to play fetch*
Pick up a nibbled-looking ball and roll it on the floor.
*waits for you to pick up the ball*
Woof woof!
Realise that you won't win this little game, and say goodbye to Pesto.
Observe the walking sausage suspiciously.
*starts drooling at the mention of pieces of saus... salami*
Back away from this hungry monster.
Move away.
Say that you're looking for Dofus.
Realise that you're trying to talk to a Bow Wow, and leave.
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