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NPC Details
Area Cania Fields
Location Treasure Chest
Coords [-25,-36]
Options Talk

Pinh is an NPC.



Hey, buddy! How about a little treasure hunt? Dip your hand into the Enutrof chest, grab a magic treasure map, and get down to business!

Find out more about this place.

You are in the ancestral home of the Terra family. What's that look for? Don't you know Terra Cogita? He's only the greatest treasure hunter in the World of Twelve, nay, they entire Krosmoz! He's the leader of the Terra clan. Enutrof entrusted him with the immense task of overseeing the greatest treasure hunt ever organised! Since Papa Cogita is still out and about, it's up to me, his eldest son, to mind the place.

Ask how to begin a treasure hunt.

It's simple! You take a magic map from the Enutrof chest right here next to me, and follow the instructions. Pay attention, because you're only allowed a few wrong answers! If you follow the instructions carefully, you should find the spot where the loot is buried... Beware, though: real treasure is always protected by a guardian!

Thank him for the information.


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