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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro
Other prerequisitesBushwhacking... or not! (Bonta Quest #45)
Recommended level
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, Alignment level 46
Items required
(not provided by quest)
9 Three-Bean Pemmican, 1 Blo'up Belt
SequelWhipping Boy (Bonta Quest #47)

Please sir, can I have some more? is a quest.


The highest authorities got wind of your actions. the bandits were found, and you personally got hold of these documents. I know that you're honest. But not everyone is of the same opinion. I'm gonna have to take you off the case. What I can do is give you back your position in the militia. In the meantime, you're in charge of the supplies. Some cooked ham should do the job, but I don't want any of that fatty stuff.
Our militians deserve the best... well, the second best, there's no need to take out a loan or anything. Then distribute it to militians Shere Hacanon, Finche Aticus and Trev Pelsantery.

Accept the mission reluctantly

Step 1: You need supplies to liveEdit

Under the council's pressure, Amayiro deprived you of your investigation. You're in charge of supplies now. So buy or craft 9 Three-Bean Pemmican and deliver to the NPC's.

Trev informs you of a report that's being passed around, with you and your investigation as the subject. You can get a copy from Ture Inge.
Buy a Blo'up Belt and bring it to Ture Inge at [-33,-56] (he is in the floor above the entrance to the jail.)
Ture Inge says he can't give you his copy, but he will analyze the original with you if you bring it to him. The original is in the Tower of Bontarian Orders, first floor.
  • Find map The suspicious report is in this shelf
Head for the Tower of Bontarian Orders at [-30,-53]. Its on the main floor.

Step 2: Towering indifferenceEdit

Find an accomplice to distract the guards while you steal the documents

  • Find map The suspicious report is in this shelf
If you try to get the documents on your own, it will tell you that the guard is watching, so grab a friend to stand directly in front of the guard and talk to him. You should be able to step in and steal your Suspicious Report now.

Go back and show Ture Inge at [-33,-56].

  • Go see Ture Inge

Let me have a look at that.
This report has been forged. There's a stink off it that suggests some dodgy dealings and your name has been scribbled on top of someone else's. See, the old name starts with an X.
Some "Jellidice Jellies" have been used to cover the name, take my word for it. Larry Poller will surely be able to tell you more about this.

Larry actually tells you that practically anyone can use this jelly... so much for information there.
After that go show Amayiro the report [-33,-56] to complete the quest.


  • Level-based XP
  • Alignment level 46
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