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NPC Details
Area Neutral Pandala
Location Pandala Village
Coords (24,-35) & (1,-19)
Details See Locations
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Pyrite is an NPC.



Oh my! Seems you're back from Astrub... I can tell from your puffy eyes... I was just thinkin', now this is an eye that saw a lot of things and mostly saw that Enutrof patrol being saved! Hahaha! do ya recognize me?

Hellloo! I'm pyrite! Underpass in Astrub! The grossewer rat! Yep! We owe you our lives! Anyway, I heard your conversation with the Shaman - a nice Pandawa that one - you should go see Grandpan. He's the one who rules everything round here. If you're looking for the Dofus, and I believe this is the case, go see him and he'll have some interesting things to tell you.
(starts Pandala: Its Goddess)
Here, give this magnificent counterfeit Dofus on behalf of the Enutrofs of Astrub.
A Dofus?
Hum, well a fake Dofus... but it's been scuplted into precious ore by a handy little Enutrofette... Trust me!


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Pyrite is normally found at (24,-35), he can also be found at (1,-19) during the In Search of the Missing Enus quest.