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Deneb Okab assigns the Black Tofu Feather Quest which sadly is no longer available

In Dofus a Quest is a mission or task given to a character. The objectives may vary, from gathering or delivering items, to defeating monsters, to visiting certain NPCs or locations as well as much more. Completing a quest generally results in a reward of sorts, such as kamas or experience. Sometimes players may only be able to start certain quests after completing other ones.

Quest information is recorded in the quest log, under the "Quests" button in the game toolbar (default keyboard shortcut q)

Standard QuestsEdit

By starting area:

Seasonal QuestsEdit

Ordered by time of year:

See also Seasonal Events

Alignment QuestsEdit

Other QuestsEdit

Unavailable QuestsEdit

These quests are no longer possible to obtain in game:

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