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Railway System
Railway System Icon

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Railway System is a method of transportation, for a list of all transportation methods, see Transport.

Railway System (also called Miner Transport) is a underground railway that travels to random mines around the world. You do not have to be a miner to use the railway system but you must be P2P. Unlike all other transports, the destination is chosen completely at random, and it is possible to arrive at the mine you left from.

Railway System is run by the NPC Feldz Paffe, it costs 50 Kamas each time you use it. After you have paid the fee, you will be taken to a map with Dark Miners. You must defeat a mob of 2 Dark Miners before you can talk to Feldz Paffe to continue your journey.

Railway System ListEdit

Subarea Mine Coordinates
Amakna Village N/A [0,-3]
Astrub N/A [9,-23]
Brakmar City Walls N/A [-25,45]
Brakmar Sewers N/A [-22,32]
Crackler Mountain N/A [-2,-5]
Low Crackler Mountain N/A [-2,4]
Sadida Temple N/A [-3,9]
Sidimote Moors N/A [-23,24]
The Amakna Forest N/A [5,19]
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