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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Rigal Hookhand
Location Low Crackler Mountain
Coords [-4,0]
Details Inside Sram Temple
Options Talk

Rigal Hookhand is an NPC.



Everybody here respects me because they all know that I'm a Rogue...

Find out more about Rogues.

The Rogues are the cruellest, most vile beings, they're feared by all in Amakna. I've been a member of this Brotherhood for many years, and I've no regrets whatsoever. Thanks to them, I've gained power and respect.

Ask where you can find the Rogues.

The Brotherhood of Rogues' hideout is well-concealed and, above all, well-protected. It's surrounded by water. Plus, the way in is located in a particularly dangerous area, guarded by members of the Brotherhood.
Only the cruellest people can hope to gain entry to this hideout and meet the Master of the Brotherhood of Rogues.


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