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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro
Other prerequisitesThe Tsog ghost (Bonta Quest #20) (Tofu House)
Recommended level
Total rewards10,000 XP, Alignment level 21
Items required
(not provided by quest)
20 Agility Rings
SequelHolbaid's fury (Bonta Quest #22)

Rings on the fingertips is a quest.


You have been in the militia long enough to specialize in something. If you are interested, talk to the Master of the orders.
If not, I have a little favor to ask you, I need 20 Agility Rings. Then I'll try to put 2 of them on each finger to see if it's effective!

Step: Agility for AmayiroEdit

Amayiro asked you to bring him 20 Agility Rings.
Get 20 Agility Rings
Speak to Amayiro

Hmmm...well....In fact it isn't... I can't handle my saber anymore when I wear them. Never mind I'll sell them to the jeweller.

  • Talk to Oggius
  • Convince Farle and Shika Ingalsse to hand over some feed for free (To convince them you need to complete or have completed Tofu House (for Shika) and (?) (for Farle))
  • Defeat 1 Marsh Larva in a single fight
  • Defeat 1 Grain Larva in a single fight
  • Defeat 1 Fungus Larva in a single fight
These larva are found by clicking the haybales at the map
You lose 20 Agility Rings


  • 10,000 XP
  • Your alignment level is now 21
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