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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Rish Claymore
Location Amakna Village
Coords [1,3]
Details Inside Iop Temple
Options Talk

Rish Claymore is an NPC.



Hi, I'm Rish Claymore, weapons master extraordinaire known all over Amakna. If you're looking for a Whetstone, you're in luck, I've got one for sale. If you show some respect to the god Iop, I'll let you visit the temple. But if you spit on the ground or leave finger marks on the tapestries, I'll be forced to reduce you to pulp.

Find out more about the duels.

Confronting me in a duel is a privilege I only grant members of my class. When facing others, I only unsheathe to kill.

Ask how to increase your Strength.

There are only two ways: training or strength scrolls. The problem with scrolls is that you can't use them if you're too strong. That's been my problem for AGES, you see, hence me getting rid of them all.




Class Merchant for


A Claymore is a type of great sword, used by knights in the middle ages and is regarded as the favorite weapon of Iops.