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The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

Class > Enutrof > Spells > level 13
Rocks Den
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Class Enutrof
Level 13
Element none
Type Buff
Official description Rocks Den allows the spellcaster to slightly bury himself before moving. He then becomes almost invisible.

Note: This spell was replaced in 1.17 update with Mound.

Rocks Den makes the caster invisible. This spell is useful for escaping from monsters, and for sniping with a ranged attack. Certain monsters can see you, even if you are invisible that turn. While you are invisible, the monsters will either attack (if they see you that turn), run away, or skip their turn. Invisibility also seems to be more powerful with greater distances between yourself and the monsters.

If you attack, you will become visible immediately. This includes casting Rocks Den, and then Coins Throwing in the same turn. Non attack spells do not turn you visible. If you have enough ap you might want to attack first and then use Rocks Den, this will not remove your invisibility.

Spell characteristics[]

These characteristics are constant through all levels of the spell.

  • AP: 4
  • Range: 0
  • Critical Hit Probability: none
  • Failure Probability: 1/20
  • Number of turns between casts: 10
  • Boosted Range: No
  • Line of Sight: Yes
  • Linear: No
  • Free Squares: No

Upgrade Information[]

Spell level Effect & Duration
1 Character becomes invisible (1 turn)
2 Character becomes invisible (2 turn)
3 Character becomes invisible (3 turn)
4 Character becomes invisible (4 turn)
5 Character becomes invisible (5 turn)
6 Character becomes invisible (6 turn)