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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Ronan the Joker
Location Astrub City
Coords [3, -18]
Details Small Park
Options Talk

Ronan the Joker is an NPC.



Me like little Park!

  • Question him about his unusual presence
Me coming sometime, me like Park! Me like Park and Apples! ...and funny stories also!
End dialogue.
  • Talk with Ronan
Me like park and goooood aaaapple and funny storiiies!
  • Talk bout jokes
You know story with bear going to tavern?
  • Yes
Ehhh, mine cousin tell you too?
Your cousin?
Ah, yoo not know cousin mee? Hee Ronan the Barbarian. Hee walk near Brakmar.
End dialogue.
  • No
Bear enter tavern. Bear say "Me want Astrub Beer...
Listen to the rest
...and pecan nut!"
  • Wonder why work has stopped?
But you see what makes the story funny is the unseemliness of the situation which brings a bear, plantigrade without the ability to speak, to order a beer in a tavern... unless, of course, it is the fact you are not even surprised by this setting of the story...
Wonder at the sudden change in Ronan's language
What? You like pecan nut? Yum! Me prefer Aaaapple!
End dialogue.
  • Don't react
Pfff, you not fun!
End dialogue.
  • Laugh out loud
Ha-ha! You also find it funny? Me like funny stories... But me not understand story... You can explain me?
End dialogue.
  • Talk about apples
Me starving! Me want Apple!
End dialogue.
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