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An Agility Sacrier Build.

Characteristic Points[]

Sacrier Soft Caps[]

Rate 1:2 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vit Vitality 1~∞ - - - - -
Wis Wisdom - - 1~∞ - -
Str Strength - - 1~100 101~150 151~∞ -
Int Intelligence - - 1~100 101~150 151~∞ -
Cha Chance - - 1~100 101~150 151~∞ -
Agi Agility - - 1~100 101~150 151~∞ -

Sacrier's Characteristics[]

  • Chance Chance: This isn't a Chance build, not to mention Sacrier's have terrible caps for Chance anyway. You might want to scroll one day for the extra Ini, 10 PP or if you need to equip a Weapon, otherwise don't bother.
  • Vitality Vitality: Raise Vitality and solely Vitality. Sacrier's largest asset is that they gain 2 Vitality for every 1 point placed in Vit. This coupled with the fact that Sacriers need to take large amounts of Damage to become more poweful (Via Punishments) means Vit is the only thing you should ever raise.
  • Intelligence Intelligence: This isn't a Intelligence build, not to mention Sacrier's have terrible caps for Intelligence anyway. You might want to scroll one day for the extra Ini or if you need to equip a Weapon, otherwise don't bother.
  • Strength Strength: This isn't a Strength build, not to mention Sacrier's have terrible caps for Strength anyway. You might want to scroll one day for the extra Ini or if you need to equip a Weapon, otherwise don't bother.
  • Agility Agility: Despite this being an Agility Build do not put any points in. Sacs not only have terrible soft caps, they also only benefit from high Vitality (See Vitality above). You should scroll this to 101 asap though.
  • Wisdom Wisdom: You probably should never raise this with points, though fully scrolling this as soon as you can is recommended. At a minimum you should scroll it to 25. There are some who would raise this when chance hits the major soft caps (4:1 or 5:1).

Raising Your Characteristics[]

  1. If you can afford it fully scroll vitality to 101. Although the difference between scrolled and non scrolled becomes tiny at epic levels it's nice just to have the boost at lower levels.
  2. Raise vitality forever, regardless of whether you scrolled or not.
  3. You should also scroll Agility as soon as.
  4. Try and fully scroll everything.


Class Spells[]

Icon Name Level Comments
Pain Shared Pain Shared Quest
This spell allows allies to increase their %dmg each time they are attacked. However, the caster is not affected. May be useful if fighting in groups. Can be cast every 5 turns
Sacrier's Foot Sacrier's Foot 1 This attack spell inflicts Earth-type damages and -agility in close combat.
Forced Punishment Forced Punishment 1 This spell allows the caster to increase his strength each time he is attacked. Can be cast every 5 turns.
Bold Punishment Bold Punishment 1 This punishment allows the caster to increase his chance each time he is attacked. Can be cast every 5 turns.
Attraction Attraction 3 This spell allows the caster to force enemies to approach him when they are too far away.
Life transfer Life transfer 5 This spell allows the caster to transfer a part of his HP to his allies.
Assault Assault 9 Assault allows the caster to hit an enemy from a distance with Air-type damage.
Nimble Punishment Nimble Punishment 13 This spell allows the caster to increase his agility each time he is attacked. Can be cast every 5 turns.
Transposition Transposition 17 The caster exchanges his position on the map with an ally's one.
Dancing Sword Dissolution 21 Steal life from adjacent enemies and/or allies.
Sacred Punishment Spiritual Punishment 26 This spell allows the caster to increase his intelligence each time he is attacked. Can be cast every 5 turns.
Sacrifice Sacrifice 31 This spell allows the Sacrier to take damage for a team mate.
Absorption Absorption 36 This spell allows its caster to steal the life from an enemy by inflicting him Fire-type damages.
Wise Punishment Vital Punishment 42 This spell allows the caster to increase his vitality each time he is attacked. Can be cast every 4 turns.
Evasion Evasion 48 This spell allows the caster to dodge any close combat attacks for 1 turn.
Cooperation Cooperation 54 This spell allows the caster to exchange his place with an enemy on the map.
Punishment Punishment 60 The punishment inflicts Neutral-type damages to an enemy. The injuries depend on the max life of the caster and deals most damage at 50% hp.
Fury Fury 70 This attack spell inflicts Water-type damage to a small group of enemies, and allows the caster to increase his damages, as well as the damage he receives.
Flying Sword Flying Sword 80 The sacrier summons a magic sword which will straight charge at the enemy to run him through.
Coagulation Swap 90 Swaps the places of the characters at close range.
Bloodthirsty Madness Bloodthirsty Madness 100 The sacrier absorbs an ally blood to recover strength. But it may kill your ally...
Summoning of Dopple Summoning of Sacrier Dopple 200 Summons a Sacrier Dopple

Spell Guide[]

  • Lv. 1: 0 spell points.
  • Lv. 2-11: Raise Assault to 5. You need an attack of sorts.
  • Lv. 12-21: Save points, then raise Nimble Punishment to 5.
  • Lv. 22-31: Raise Attraction to 5.



Don't underestimate wisdom equipment:

  • Young Adventurer Set will give you a good Wisdom bonus at low levels.
  • Bearman Set can boost agility quite a lot, but will not give bonus XP, so if you are a member, I suggest a wisdom pet.
  • Mush Mush Set can be combined with agility equipment.
  • Prespic Set (Once your level is high enough to equip it).

The following list is by no means a complete representation of the wide variety of agility equipment available. An ideal agility set would include a close to perfect or perfect Toady Set and Mad Tofu Cloak in their equipment for its high agility yield.

Level Possible Equips Effects
8 Arachnee Set +31-40 Agility, +27-45 Vitality, +2 Damages, ...
8 Powerful Agility Ring +8 Agility
13 Klime's Small Boots +10 Agility, +10 Life, -10 Strength
14 Ellinie Cloak +11-20 Agility
17 Modified Amulet Itbe +20 Agility
17 Klime's Boots +15 Agility, +15 Life, -15 Strength
18 Klime's Great Boots +20 Agility, +20 Life, -22 Strength
19 Powerful Klime's Boots +25 Agility, +25 Life, -30 Strength
23 Barabas +30 Agility, -10 Strength
29 Bashers +40 Agility, -10 Intelligence
30 Toady Set +52-130 Agility, +5 Damages, ...
36 Mad Tofu Cloak +1-100 Agility, +1 MP, -100 Strength, ...
42 Wind Kwak Set +131-155 Agility, +76-85 Vitality, +1 AP, ...
46 White Scaraleaf Set +63-120 Agility, +83-160 Vitality, ...
61 Koalak Set +171-180 Agility, +81-140 Wisdom, +1 AP, +1 MP and +250-300 total life ...
70 Aerdala Set +195~265 Vitality +68~90 Wisdom +202~295 Agility
80+ Legendary Crackler Set

Leveling Guide[]

Incarnam is the best place to be for low levels (Duh). Killing plants in the right corner of Incarnam until you get level 7, then killing single chafers in the bottom right corner of Incarnam, is a great low level strategy. Hopefully, after lots of chafers, or if you're on the test server, which has 5 times XP, (for a limited time) you should soon be level 9.

After you turn level 9, you may want to go through the Incarnam dungeon, because it's an awesome place for XP. Just find a group, or another few people about your level, and you should be good for going through the whole dungeon.

At level 11 you will be able to get level 5 assault. Finally, you can hit twice in one move. Now you should begin to level nimble punishment, until it's also level 5. By level 21, you will have nimble punishment and assault, both at level 5!

Now you can go to the next installment of this guide, or just do your own thing from here on.

Boar, prespic, flowers, and crackrocks (Formerly known as "Craqueboulets"), all at level 20.

By level 23, you should be able to take out Wild Sunflowers. Use Attraction to draw them right next to you. Any agility you have accrued (through equipment or buffs) should keep them from being able to Dodging away. Level 15 Wild Sunflowers only do about 20 damage each turn, about 60% of the damage a level 15 Gobball does.

Battle Chafers at The Cemetery and any Scaraleafs except for White Scaraleafs, because they are 100% immune to Assault or any other air-based spells

If you can train get a Mush Mush Set and air equipment and train on Mushds at lvl 11 to about 46 if you have the time

Fight single Treechnids in Treechnid Forest, as they're weak to air-based attacks as well as fire-based attacks. Also, they usually hit you with Treecnassion instead of crushing, allowing you to attack them twice. One strategy to use is to find a Treechnid with one extra monster, so you can get hit twice with Nimble Punishment and not take too much damage.

By lvl 60s-70s, fight in the Bandit Territory as long as there are only 3 monsters. Don't take on too much. Limit yourself to one Rogue Clan Bandit per mob. But as you level up a couple times and feel comfortable, gradually add one or two more monsters. You can also fight 3-5 monsters in any cemetery. Easily 20,000-45,000 xp per fight.

Once you get a high enough level (100+), get the Moon Hammer skill (fight a boss on moon island) for a nice amount of damage.

Try getting a group to do kanis or blops.