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Bloodsucker meatshield. Most popular, highly effective in PvP when developed correctly. The life stealing effect of Absorption pairs well with Life Transfer. Consistent healing for allies.

Lv. 21 = Attraction to 3

Lv. 26 = Mastered Spiritual Punishment (2 points left)

Lv. 36 = Mastered Absorption (2 points left)

Lv. 40 = Attraction or Transposition at lv. 4 (1 point left)

Lv. 50 = Mastered Vital Punishment or Sacrifice (1 point left)

Lv. 54 = Mastered Attraction or Transposition (1 point left)

Lv. 64 = Mastered Cooperation (1 point left)

Lv. 74 = Mastered Fury (1 point left)

Lv. 84 = Mastered Flying Sword (1 point left)

Lv. 94 = Mastered Evasion (1 point left)

Lv. 104 = Mastered Bloodthirsty Madness (1 point left)

The Leek Pie is used for give you an initial and cheap attack, you can change it to a weapon if you prefer.

Absorption is used to regain health from time to time.

Evasion is needed to make you take even less damage.

Fury will give you nice bonus on Leek Pie.

Flying sword will be used in a combo with Bloodthirsty Madness at level 100, but you can use it for attacking your enemy too.

Bloodthirsty Madness can be used in team games, but it has a cool use in 1vs1 game too when cast upon your Flying Sword.


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