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Tank Icon

Keeps their targets in close combat. Steals Health Points in order to survive for longer in close combat.

Positioner Icon

Attracts targets and switches positions with enemies or allies.

Damage Dealer Icon

Inflicts a large amount of damage at short range. Deals more damage when they lose Health Points.

Sacrier Information

Sacrier (also known as Sacrier's Blood) is a class.

Sacriers are berserkers whose powers increase with each hit! As they have nothing to fear from cuts or blows, they haunt the front lines in battle, ready to draw first blood! Sacriers are the perfect allies for those long, relentless battles.

More InformationEdit

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Sacrier Class Set is the Bloodless Set.

Characteristic Soft Caps:

Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1
Vitality Vit 1~∞ - - -
Wisdom Wis - - 1~∞ -
Strength Str 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞
Intelligence Int 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞
Chance Cha 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞
Agility Agi 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞


Sacrier - from Sacrifice, which is what Sacriers must do to use most of their powers, and crier, as in someone who shouts. Their French name is Sacrieur, which is a combination of sacrifice and crieur, which means "a person that shouts", the same definition. They shout in pain, and this pain brings them their strength. Crier can also mean "one who laughs", Sacriers laugh at pain. The meaning about laughing does exist in the french word (Sacrieur: Rieur means laugher).

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