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So you like the Sadida class but don't want to conform to that standard pure strength build? Well have I got a build for you! This build has been modified from Sadida/Strength/Intelligence/1 build to compensate for the changes in v. 1.17 and also make a more group friendly build.


  • This build is not the easiest to master, but becomes very fun and effective when you get the hang of it.
  • This build will be expensive if you want it to work well, but it is also good for farming resources so it evens out in the end.
  • There are many ways to approach this build; I am only here to describe my approach. However, if you do want to discuss possiblities you may PM me in-game (NeedTan).

Characteristic PointsEdit

  • Level 1-11 raise strength to 50
  • Level 11-31 raise intelligence to 100
  • Level 31-91 raise strength to 200
  • Level 91-131 raise intelligence to 200
  • Level 131-151 raise strength to 250
  • Level 151+ raise what you think will benefit your character more Strength/Intelligence/Wisdom/Vitality

It is highly suggested that you scroll chance and agility to at least 50.

Also if this is not you first character it is advised to scroll as much as you can early to reduce the number of characteristic points used on main stats.

Spell Point DistributionEdit

These spells are outdated past level 100. I will try to find time to arange them properly for you they are not in the order I would suggest anymore.

Obtaining Leek Pie is also very important as it will be your only option for 2 AP and will deal good damage with this build. Leveling this to 5 is now suggested as it has much lower range than it used to.

Killing Plain Crackler for Diamond Stone drops once you reach higher levels so you can polish them and trade for Spell Point Scrolls. This will help you get spells maxed earlier and allow for more options when you get higher lvls.

You may want to pass on Dagger Skill and level Axe Skill so that you will be able to use it with Cheeken Axe.


  • The Sacrificial Doll Is a skill that deals very nice damage. Since you cant move or attack, buff, defend when using Sylvian power. I'd advice to lvl-up the sacrificial doll to lvl4. That way it does high damage, can resist low attacks, and you can use it together with bramble, if you have a full gobball set wich gives you +1 AP.
  • Bush Fire is a nice spell for this build however it can have a short life. When you recieve it at 80 both it and Bramble cost 4 AP. However when you get Bramble to level six it only costs 3 AP making Bush Fire less of an option.
  • You probably will have noticed that it is not advsied to raise The Ultra-Powerful. Due to it being changed with 1.17 (Taking the -Range ability from The Swindling) it has less use. But it is said it can still be helpful in one on one PvP.
  • Paralysing Poison is no longer an option. It used to prevent monster from attacking (multiple poisons were required for many monsters), but Ankama changed this and made the spell once again pointless.
  • Once you get to level 120+ you will find that you only use Sylvan Power on rare occasions, so you might want to unlearn it to free up some spell points. However if you still wish to be able to train at Ouginaks or Rats then keep it at level five.
  • You may prefer building Earthquake and Sylvan Power first, between levels 1-21, as mobs pay better and it is much quicker way to level, you should then boost intelligence to 100 before boosting strength.


This is where all your money will be spent from here untill eternity. Remember that this build focuses on dual elements and the best way to boost multiple elements before the high level equipment that does so is +Damage. On top of that +Damage is what makes Earthquake and Poison Wind useful.

- At Level 68 can also use The Sharp Claw as an alternative to having a turkey for the init to train at rats (Shika: The-Roots)

- At Level 70 you can get a Royal Gobball's Sword, since your a dmg sadi you can do up to 4x40 dmg per use and with 4 AP to use you can do it 2x if you have 8 AP. Thats 300+ dmg. But be careful with you're low hp being in CC.

- At level 38 wearing both the Prespwig and Prespic Cloak is an option but the damage from earthquake will be reflected past Sylvan power. (THIS NO LONGER HAPPENS, since one update the damage is NOT being reflected through Sylvan, although you are still vulnerable to paralysing poisons and knockbacks)

- At lvl 48 when you get Poison wind wearing full Treechnid Set is an option. You will do less damage per turn but will have more HP. There is also ways to get more damage in those levels but I tried to show a fair balance between damage and HP.

- Another possible set for 48+ includes a Xelor Amulet and a Treechelmet

- Also, at lvl 50, if you are rich enough, you could buy Turko Set (max dmg) paired with a Xelor Amulet (max dmg) for 8 AP. Then with Nonsenz Ring, Trembling Dodu Belt, and Elorie Entuwan's Cruel Daggers at lvl 58 (all items max dmg of course) you'll be doing about 2 damage less than with the suggested damage set. But in return you'll get Wisdom, Vitality, and a strength boost for your poison wind. This should last you till either lvl 73 or 80 and give you time to buy all the upper level gear you'll need that actually gives the Vitality and Wisdom you've been waiting for. (Note from Ershath: since version 1.28 turko set doesn't give +1 AP +1 MP anymore but +2 MP, so you won't get your 8 AP +damage set this way). (Since 1.28 you can use the tried and true Bow in Treechnid Root for it's +1AP for a 5mp 8ap set)

- Through all the levels there are many options for equipment changes from what I have shown. Don't be afraid to try them if you see something you think will work well go for it. You may end up finding something better than the equipment I listed.

- A good possibility might be to use Tofu Set parts to supplement your set around lvl 22, you get a decent +dmg bonus and good wisdom from the hat and ring. The wand is a hunting tool too, and this build is ideal for hunters. If you use bramble as your primary attack, just stick with a gobball set for the extra +strength

- At level 90 you should try Royal Rainbow Amublop for more +dmg


Some good Pets to try are:

  • Minimino - Good all around damage booster
  • Ghast - Boost HP at lower levels and for PvP
  • Little White Bow Meow - Init often wins the fight in PvP
  • Pink Dragoone - Leveling and better AP/MP resist
  • Bworky - For profession more than anything
  • Baby Crowdzilla or if you can afford one, a Nomoon - to help you drop those all important items
  • Atooin - For Maximum +Dmg, the best thing you can have at level 1 if you have a wealthy benefactor
  • Fire Bwak/Intelligence Bow Meow - For early levels when dependant on Int, Or to make the Int requirement for Ni'Ninnin Wand at level 50

All these pets can be used at any time during your leveling however some of them are more effective at some times than others. It is really up to you to decide what will help you the most and what you can afford.

Solo LevelingEdit

These are all suggestions on what to level on solo. Leveling in a group is typically better XP as well as more fun. Solo leveling before poison wind might as well look stupid since you won't dish enough damage to kill the enemies and will cost on your HP sometimes, but just keep up leveling, once you get Sylvan Power it will get a lot easier.

  • Level 1-15: Incarnam or Brown Snapper, test what works best for you there. It will also help you get a general feel for the class. Do all the quests you can for easy xp. Make sure to collect the full Boon Set as it is a nice boost to stats while you work on collecting the Young Adventurer Set, and the hat is +Damage.

- start far and use bramble, hit and run  

- same tactic as with Brown Snapper 

- cast Earthquake then sylvan power to avoid damage, or take the damage and hit with bramble as well

- Same as before but now you can use Manifold bramble to weaken enemy first. (You might as well try Vampyre Master in Amakna (The Cemetery) Crypts, those give good XP, the maps they spawn is easy to position manifold and they drop Vampyre Blood which can be sold for 2k~4k, avoid melee! (Fabulous-Tree Lv 45))

- Same tactic but add in Poison Wind before Sylvan for more damage. Be careful on the darks they do high damage in close combat

- Continue on with the tactic you find most effetive each opponent here tends to require a little tweaking of tactic to make it most efficient

  • Level 80-90: Same as before but add Dopples and Pandala monsters.

- continue with your winning tactic... I know always the same thing, but its about to change.

  • Level 90-120: Ouginak, Dopples, Pandala Monsters

- cast Earthquake and Poison wind then use Insolent bramble to unbewitch yourself and fire away with bramble or close combat. Or Simply go straight at the mob with manifold and regular brambles.

- Earthquake/Poison wind or just run in Brambling

  • Notes:

- I did not go into detail on fighting tactic because it is up to each player to determine how exactly they want to play this build, so feel it out and find your style.

- I have not tried a few of these monsters since 1.17 but I am fairly sure you will still be able to handle all I have mentioned.

- Through the mid levels your wisdom will be quite low so it will take a while to level but stick to it and it will get easier I currently have more wisdom than most of my friends near my level 138 at the time I am writing this.

Group LevelingEdit

Keep in mind that what you fight and the level of the mobs will always be determined by the size of your group. So these are very flexible suggestions and should be followed with common sense. Many of these suggestions are here for fair xp but also the chance for good drops.


  • It is always crucial to calculate how much more Intelligence/Strength you need. Always remeber that for: level five EQ and PW the base damage is five, so for every 20 Intelligence/Strength/% Damage placed in you get one more damage. Level six EQ has a base of seven, so every 15 Intelligence/% Damage will increase your damage by one.
  • You will steadily increase in damage per turn untill level 45, where you will stay pretty much the same till level 67, where it will increase sharply and continue to make jumps as you work your way towards level 80. Then it will level off until 90 where you will be a killing machine! So don't be discouraged!
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