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This is a Scaraleaf spell which summons a spark of whatever element the Sacaraleaf that summoned it (e.g: A Red ScaraLeaf uses Scarasum summons a Fire Spark and so forth). Flying spark] are annoying little things that use Elemental Spear, which acts the same as the Sacrier spell Attraction, but has slight collision damage. After this, the spark explodes and deals damage to the target and all of its adjacent enemies.

There's a very cool use of sparks that involves a sacrier. Both the explosion and collision damage that the spark deals are considered to be hits towards a punishment. This is extremely helpful. Use this with wise punishment for quick experience, or any other for a similar effect.

If you don't have much HP, stay away from them. It's not uncommon for a baby xelor or other class to be dragged across the screen by numerous sparks in a row.