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NPC Details
Area Bonta
Scrollum Wormius
Location Tailors' Quarter (Bonta)
Coords (-28,-57)
Options Talk

Scrollum Wormius is an NPC.

Talk[edit | edit source]


That's right, young Bontarian! After all these years offering our services to great Bonta for nothing, we've finally made it!

No time to listen to your twaddle. I've got an assault against the Brakmarians in the pipeline!
Huh? Made it where?
To be honest, there were times when I seriously doubted it myself. But we finally have a building dedicated to knowledge, culture and intelligence worthy of commemorating the greatness of Bonta.
Was it a heap of compressed Brakmarian helmets with horns showing?
A library?
You should go visit the brand new library in Bonta. You'll find thousands of interesting books there, on any topic. From the genesis of our planet to handbooks on owning a mount.
I'm going to have a look.

Quests[edit | edit source]

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