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Seeker scroll is a Usable Item.

Seeker scrolls are scrolls used to track players. You can buy them from either the Tower of Bontarian Orders in Bonta or Tower of Brakmarian Orders in Brakmar. They come in singles, packs of 10, and 50.

You can use one on yourself or someone else, to obtain a Tied Scroll, if you use a Pack of Ten Virgin Scrolls you will get 10 identical Tied Scrolls locked on to that person, if you use a Pack of Fifty Virgin Scrolls you will get 50 identical Tied Scrolls locked onto that person.

There are sellrooms at both Bonta and Brakmar to sell/buy these scrolls. Some scrolls are more valuable than others, this may be for several reasons like for a strong player or an annoying person in PvP.

Available Seeker scrolls[]

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Name Level Effects Conditions
Pack of Ten Virgin Scrolls


Virgin Scroll


Tied Scroll


  • Seeks Player's Name
  • Level Player's Level
  • Alignment = Player's Alignment
  • Rank Player's Rank
  • Created x day(s) ago
Pack of Fifty Virgin Scrolls