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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro
Other prerequisitesAll's well that ends badly (Bonta Quest #89)
Recommended level190
Total rewardsAlignment Level 90, Level Based XP
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Lockpick, 1 Panterror soul
SequelFixed-Term Burglary

Sends Shivers Down Your Spine is a quest.


Talk to Amayiro


NPCs text.

Dialogue option.

NPCs response to selected option.

Step 1: Sends Shivers Down Your SpineEdit

You are investigating the items retrieved from the Tower of Gisgoul.
arak-hai forest smithmagi's workshop (inside building), talk (ask about items from tower of gisgoul)
kramdam heights [38,-20] (access from amakna village huppermage platform), (inside cave), talk
isle o'anstitch [-47,-69] (access from cania bay boat to minotoror island with [Ticket to the Isle O'Anstitch] purchased from nikos monot for 3kk), (inside cave), talk (you need to talk to nikos monot where you came to island to leave island, potions does not work)
amayiro, talk
tower of bontarian orders, (inside building, left door, next room, downstairs, left entrance), talk
  • Find the map: Ereziah's hideout
amakna forest [7,20], go to this map, quest updates
break into house using Lockpick (130lvl handyman craft (recipe (not hidden): 1xRusty Hook 2xMushroom 3xGobball Leather 1xPointed Tooth 3xSick Arachnee Hairs), lockpick is consumed
  • Get rid of the creatures
talk, fight starts (solo fight, even sidekicks can't help), simple fight
talk, ask where he came out from, talk, bring 1xPanterror soul (lost dimension monster)
  • Find the map: Secret Hideout
in the corner of the room click toilet
  • Search the Secret Hideout
click on any of the interactive items in the hideout, quest updates
amayiro, talk
bonta palace (inside building, second room), talk
  • Find the map: Sakai Tavern
sakai tavern (access from madrestam harbour boat to sakai or from the icefields with frigostian carrier)(inside building), talk
  • Defeat 1 Grohlum on the map in a single fight
defeat grohlum in sakai mine dungeon, after boss fight talk to goblin NPC Gobilingua and ask to translate what Grohlum says, quest updates
bonta palace (inside building, second room), talk, talk
amayiro, talk


  • Alignment Level 90
  • Level Based XP

Related AchievementsEdit

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