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NPC Details
Area Enurado
Sergeant Frinklan
Location Crucible of Fortunes
Coords [-1,-1]
Options Talk

Sergeant Frinklan is an NPC.



Welcome to the Voyagers' outpost! We accept all sorts here, including young, poor, and smooth chinned adventurers. Before we arrived, the beardless were a rare sight in this area...Watch out, Enurado! The people of the World of Twelve are here!

Ask what kind of dangers await you in this dimension.

The creatures of Enurado usually leave us in peace, but sometimes there's friction between us and the Enutoughs, the Miser's eternal servants. If you like fighting, I must warn you that the forfeit for losing a fight is being ejected from the dimension immediately. Make sure you only start fights you have a good chance of winning!



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