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NPC Details
Area Srambad
Sevrain the Torturer
Location Shrouded Canals
Coords [5,2]
Details Inside Torturer's Tavern
Options Talk, Buy/Sell

Sevrain the Torturer is an NPC.



Unwelcome to my establishment, ha ha! Here, you'll find something to wet your whistle... and I assure you, I take my customers' safety very seriously. The Torturer's Tavern is not a poison bar.

Express your surprise at seeing an executioner tend a bar.

It may seem a bit paradoxical, but there aren't many executions for capital punishment in Srambad. The city's inhabitants prefer to dole out their own justice, without involving the Malitiamen or the Queen's judge. So, I was bored stiff... until I decided to open this place.


Item Price (Kamas)
Torturer's Beer 10
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