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Sharp Eye

Sharp Eye is a Bontarian Order run by Ebru of El.


Level 20 Bonta Alignment (20 Bonta/Quests completed)

Becoming a member of the Sharp Eye[]

  1. Talk to Ebru of El at [-34,-58] inside the Tower of Bontarian Orders, basement.
  2. Talk to Aigurraf the Clerk at [-35,-55] inside Kikim Inn, you will receive 1 Aigurraf's Badge.
  3. Take 1 Aigurraf's Badge to Ebru of El at [-34,-57].
  4. Talk to King Beldarion at [-35,-61] inside Bonta Palace, you will receive 1 Royal Certificate,
  5. Take 1 Royal Certificate to Ebru of El at [-34,-57].



Previously, Sharp Eye had benefits for each order rank, they have since been removed:

Silvosse Disciple (20 quests completed)[]

Silent Spy (40 quests completed)[]

Renegades Hunter (60 quests completed)[]

Supreme Assassin (80 quests completed)[]

Master of illusions (100 quests completed)[]