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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Thomas Cork at [-49,44]
Level required100-150
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level
Total rewardsSee Rewards; Level-Based XP
Items required
(not provided by quest)
RepeatableYes, every 20 hours

Shell Hunt for Specialists is a repeatable quest.


Talk to Thomas Cork at [-49,44] in Vulkania Village.


Hello! How are you?
Vulkania Island is beautiful, don't you think?

Have you been to Bar Racuda yet? Our waiters will be only to happy to let you sample our local beverages.
If you need anything else, I'd be more than happy to help.

Find out more about the Shell Hunt.

You're in luck! I'm just organising a daily hunt for tourists who are fed up of having too much time on their hands.
If you want to take part in this activity, it couldn't be easier. When I say go, you have 15 minutes to collect as many shells from the Sun and Surf beaches as you can, but I wouldn't go down to Tarada Bay if I were you. It's very dangerous there, even if that does mean there's much less competition.
Once the 15 minutes are up, bring your shells back to me and I'll give you a certain number of points for each shell, depending on which type it is. The more points you get, the more chance you have of getting an interesting present.
You can do this activity once every 20 hours. So, are you interested?

Take part. (Begins quest)

Hurry up! The clock's ticking.

Step 1: Shells and Crustaceans for SpecialistsEdit

You have 15 minutes to gather as many shells as you can from the beaches of Vulkania. When this time has elapsed, you can take them to Thomas Cork in the hopes of earning a little reward

  • Gather the shells and take them to Thomas Cork when 15 minutes have passed

Show the shells.

Let's see if you're as good at collecting seashells as you are at senselessly killing fauna.
What have you got in your bag?

(At this point, you hand over all the differents types of shells)

Have you collected any other shells?

Get your prize for the hunt.

In exchange for all those shells you've brought me, you can have this.
Try to do a bit better next time and, in the meantime, go and visit Bar Racuda.


First, it is recommended that you scout the areas of the perimeter of the island so you can get a better understanding of where the shells are located. You have only 15 minutes to gather the shells, after which time you will no longer be able to pick them up. It is recommended that you use a mount in order to move the fastest so that you can get the most shells and score the most points. When you are ready, speak to Thomas Cork at [-49,44] to start the quest.


There are three main locations where you can obtain shells. Starting from Thomas Cork's position, head to the southern and western beaches. Once you have finished with the south and west beaches, head straight up to the north beach, where you will find many more shells.

You can collect 4 different types of shells and a useless Used Sole. The shells you can collect are:

Accio Shell - 5 points each
Restla Shell - 3 points each
Sandka Shell - 2 points each
Charlisagen Shells - 1 point each


When you can no longer collect shells, head back to Thomas Cork and exchange the shells for the indicated values above.

Points are given as 1 point per Thomas Cork Card.

NOTE: In order to get the highest score, you should choose the option to "Give the different types of shells", rather than only a single type of shell at a time.

If you exchange the different types of shells with 5 of each shell, you will get 75 Thomas Cork Cards.
If you exchange the different types of shells with 1 of each shell, you will get 15 Thomas Cork Cards.
If you exchange individual types of shells at a time, you will gain only multiples of the point values listed above.


  • Level-Based XP
  • Various items

Various items are rewarded, in addition to character-level-based xp; the items you win depend upon the number of Thomas Cork Cards you have. Examples are given below.