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Should not be confused with the Shield (effect).
The Shield effect is currently unique to the Masqueraider class.

General MechanicsEdit

Masqueraider shield effects provide target allies (and enemies when using Diffraction) with SP temporarily. The amount of SP is always based on the caster's maximum HP, although the SP bonus can not go higher than the target's maximum HP.

If a target receives damage, after standard damage resistance is calculated, their SP will be reduced first, if their SP is reduced to 0 before the entirety of the damage is inflicted, the remainder of the damage is applied to the target's Vitality. SP is treated exactly the same as Vitality, and as such any damage resistance will be taken into account when SP is reduced.

Targets cannot stack the effect of a single Masqueraider shield spell. For example, casting Totoruga twice on the same target will only refresh that target's shield, but using Tortoruga, switching to Classic and casting Plastron will buff the shield further.

It is impossible to increase SP through any other means than casting one of the Masqueraider shield spells. Healing spells will only target regular HP.

If a target is affected by Ecaflip's Luck, any healing will be applied to their vitality only.


Shield %Life AP Target/AoE Duration/Recast lvl5-6 Mask
Diffraction 10% 3 Infinite, allies and enemies 2 turns / 5-4 CD All
Tortoruga 10% or 12% 3 Single target ally, not self, Modifiable range 3 turns / 3-4 targets per turn Cowardly
Plastron 20% or 24% 5

AoE 2-3

2 turns / 3 CD Classic
Trance 15% or 20% (-95~70% of HP, depending on spell level) 3 Modifiable range, self and ally 2 turns/ 3 targets per turn Psychopath
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