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Should not be confused with the Shield (Masqueraider).
Shield effects reduce direct damage by a fixed amount, but that fixed reduction can be increased through character levels. Most shield effects use the characteristics of the caster as of 2.3.5. This includes Feca's shields, Toad, Preventing Word and Mummification.

The method for determining the actual shield effects is:

Calculation[edit | edit source]

  • Every time below a value is stored to "LinRed" it is truncated to a whole number so if you have a base shield of 11 and are level 19, your shield value is truncated from 19.25 to 19.
LinRed = Math.floor( Base * (1 + 0.05*Level) )

Base  : Random value from base reduction range
Level : The level of the caster. Minimum 1.

Known Effects[edit | edit source]

Known shield effects include:

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