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Shika Ingalsse Set is a Set.

Shika Ingalsse Set Pieces[edit source]

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Name Level Effects Conditions Recipe
Shika's Ears.png

Shika's Ears


  • None
Shika's Belt.png

Shika's Belt


  • None
Shika's Clogs.png

Shika's Clogs


  • None
Shika's Cape.png

Shika's Cape


  • None
Shika's Hat.png

Shika's Hat


  • None
Shika's Magic Bracelet.png

Shika's Magic Bracelet


  • None
Shika's Staff.png

Shika's Staff


  • None

Shika Ingalsse Set Bonus[edit source]

2 items equipped
3 items equipped
4 items equipped

Shika Ingalsse Set Total Effects[edit source]

Characteristics Offense Defense Miscellaneous

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The set is named after Shika Ingalsse, wife of Farle Ingalsse, who stands outside the building above the Tofu House.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

To craft all pieces of this set you will need:

Amount Item
180 Rose of the Sands
120 Nugget
47 Purple Fabric
38 Burnabwork Skin
25 Mantiscore Carapace
21 Tattered Bwork Boot
19 Mabwork Ear
16 Bakelelite
12 Crimson Pebble
6 Fascine Substrate
3 Mantiscore Heart
3 Purple Mégabwork Leather
2 Bewitched Wicker
2 Wa Wobot Beard
1 Bizarbwork Scalp
1 Magic Slice of Burnabwork
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