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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Shuga Kane
Location Madrestam Harbour
Coords [13,1]
Options Talk

Shuga Kane is an NPC.



Ah, it's so beautiful out today! Seems like winter is going to be mild this year.

Ask for the key to Redoolph's stable.

You want the key to one of my clients' houses? Why would I give you that?

Reply that if she doesn't do it, you'll set fire to her warehouse.
Explain that Redolph's bad reputation may have serious consequences for Shuga's business.

Hmm, I suppose that's true... With all these travellers flooding to Kwismas island, rumours are spreading like wildfire. I even heard someone saying that Redolph has become a drunk because he won't stop drinking poor quality grog. But I only sell the good stuff! Well, it's only good in moderation, obviously.

Promise that you'll try to reason with Redolph.

Listen, I believe you...but you're going to have to do me a favour. I've got a supply problem, but I can't leave Madrestam to deal with it.

Agree to help in exchange for the key.
Refuse and leave.

Awesome, we've got a deal! I'm going to write a message, and I'll give it to you once you've finished the job. You can pass it to Hiseze, the guy who takes my deliveries to Kwismas Island. He'll give you the key in exchange for the item you're going to get for me.

Keep listening.

I need you to go to Mood Island to pick up a keg that I've been waiting on for a week now. It's not just any old alcohol, y'see, it's cask aged rum that I was reserving for my very best customers. When you arrive on the island, go and find Michaela Winner, and demand that she hand over the goods! I've already paid for them, and I hate anyone to get one over on me!

Set off for Moon Island.

If you can't use the zaap to get to your destination, go to see the Charlie's Agents Promoter. She can sell you the ticket you need for the journey. And don't forget to pick up the equipment you need to use the cannon!


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