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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Simgood the Sailor
Location Madrestam Harbour
Coords [8,-4]
Details Inside a House
Options Talk, Exchange

Simgood the Sailor is an NPC.



Hi, my name is Simgood and I'm a sailorman. I've sailed the several seas, but now my dream is to open a souvenir shop and sell thousands - even millions - of souvenirs all over the World. People will fight over them just to say they have a memento of Simgood the Sailorman. I think I'll start with carving or painting crab claws.

Offer to help.

Well, why not! I'll pay you if you bring me some crab claws. For each lot of three, you'll get poppy seeds... good bakers use them to flavour their bread.


Give To get
3 Crab Pincer 1 Poppy Seed


Simgood the Sailor is based (in name at least) on Sinbad the sailor.

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