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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Sir Hill
Location Astrub City
Coords [6,-18]
Details Cra
Options Talk

Sir Hill is a NPC.



Hello There, little twig!

  • Greet him.
I'm happy to see a new face! Are you fresh from Incarnam? If you need a guide, I might be able to help you... Or we can just have a drink and shoot the breeze!
  • Ask about Astrub.
There's lots to see in the City Centre. Marketplaces, the bank, Zaap Square, the Temple of the Twelve, the Council Tower, the Militia Tower... The Statue of Brutas is worth a visit too. You should also pop in to see old Kerub, he'd love that!
Take notes of all these places.
The workshops and marketplaces are in the suburbs, around the old walls. If you like reading, you'll want to find the library.A good book by a warm fire - what more could you want? And if you're feeling down or have a acase of the sniffles, pass by the Free Greenic. Ma will cook up a remedy to get you back on your feet!
Thank him for the information and leave.
  • Have a drink with him.
*laughs and lifts his tankard* Come on, let's drink!
*sluuuurp* Ah, that hits the spot! So, what are you doing around here?
Say that you're looking for Dofus.
Aha, you're not the only one! But who knows, maybe you're the one to find these famous dragon eggs... If you manage it, just don't get too cocky, okay? It's said that when the six Dofus are reunited, the World of Twelve will stop turning... And that's bound to be weird.
Here's to your success! Cheers!
  • Stay and finish your drink together, then hit the road again.
  • Ask for an autograph.
Ki ki ki ki ki! You recognised me! You watch my programmers on the jellivision... Well, I'd be happy to my friend! I'm s'pposed to be on a break, but I'll sign something for you, no problemo. *scrawls on a beer mat* For <Character name>, my favourite little twig!
Say thank you and finish your drink.
I won't keep you any longer, you need to get back to your quest. Well, good luck, until next time!
Get back on your way.
  • Compliment him on his rather original bow.
You like it? It's homemade, kneaded and shaped by these very hands. After running through the woods on long hunts, nothing like a few sandwiches to pick you up! And it's stylish, all my Cra buddies are greener than normal with envy.
*downs his drink in one gulp* I won't keep you any longer, you'll want to be hitting the road I'm sure! Good luck, until next time!
Say goodbye and leave.
  • Say that you are busy, and leave.
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