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Skeleton Dungeon is a dungeon.


Skeleton Dungeon is found at (10,15) in The Cemetery.


In order to get to the entrance of Skeleton Dungeon you must stand on the tile to the top left of the map, which causes one of the coffins to slide aside revealing the entrance.

Entry requires giving a Skeleton Dungeon Key to Klik Klak, which is consumed.


Mobs may vary, though they will always have the same number of monsters. Challenging isn't possible.

Skeleton Dungeon Room 1

Room 1

Room 1

Skeleton Dungeon Room 2

Room 2

Room 2

Skeleton Dungeon Room 3

Room 3

Room 3

Room 4

Room 5


When talking to the NPC at the end of the dungeon you must learn the spell Summoning of Chaferfu.

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