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Skeunk's Hideout
Difficulty 3 Hard
Area Koalak Mountain
Subarea Agony V'Helley
Coords [-20,10]
Key used to enter Skeunk's Hideout Key
Accepts Bunch of Keys Yes
Rewards See Rewards
Exclusive monsters Skeunk, Diamondine, Emeralda, Emerald Doll, Ruby, Sapphira, Famished Doll
Other details

Skeunk's Hideout is a dungeon.


Skeunk's Hideout is found at (-20,10) in Agony V'Helley.


Access requires giving a Skeunk's Hideout Key to Kakolak, which is consumed.


Skeunk's Hideout is composed of 5 rooms, the four first containing the Sadidette mobs, and the final boss room, where all Sadidettes are present, along with the Skeunk.


Each player needs to collect a full set of four Brooches before fighting Skeunk. When you defeat a Sadidette, you gain a Brooch if you do not already have it. These Brooches are not lost if you die. They cannot be obtained from souls.

Skeunk's Hideout Diamondine's Room

Diamondine's Room

Diamondine's RoomEdit

Skeunk's Hideout Emeralda's Room

Emeralda's Room

Emeralda's RoomEdit

Skeunk's Hideout Ruby's Room

Ruby's Room

Ruby's RoomEdit

  • Ruby, level 480 (total level: 480)
  • 5 characters: +Reapalak, level 114 (total level: 594)
  • 6 characters: +Purple Warko, level 112 (total level: 706)
  • 7 characters: +Bloody Koalak, level 108 (total level: 814)
  • 8 characters: +Koalak Warrior, level 106 (total level: 920)

Skeunk's Hideout Sapphira's Room

Sapphira's Room

Sapphira's RoomEdit

Skeunk's Hideout Skeunk's Room

Skeunk's Room

Skeunk's RoomEdit

The Sadidette monster levels (and health points) vary according to the number of characters.


Kaliptus DofusEdit

Upon completing the dungeon players will receive a Kaliptus Dofus in exchange for the Sadidette's Brooches.

Please note that this will make you leave the hideout. If you want to learn the spell and/or get the pet, ask for the Dofus last.

Perfidious BoomerangEdit

You can exchange the following:

To receive the Perfidious Boomerang Spell.

Bloody KoalakEdit

You can also obtain a Bloody Koalak by completing The Koalak Costume quest.

It is also the only place to find Skeunk, Diamondine, Emeralda, Emerald Doll, Ruby, Sapphira and Famished Doll.

Related AchievementsEdit

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