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Slang in Dofus is a flavour of the English language, mixing Dofus terms (item and monster names etc.), Internet slang and other abbreviations.

This page lists Dofus-specific abbreviations only. Information on Internet and RPG slang in general can be found on Wikipedia and Wiktionary.

For the Dofus interface commands, see the Command page.



A term that indicates that you're ready for a battle. You can do this by clicking on your character and selecting "Slap", though some people might type it instead. Typed variations might include: "Aie", "aie", "i", "a", "ai", "pie", "!, eiA", "aye", "√-1"(i, mathematically) amongst others.


Term used to indicate the levelling of a character. For example "/g I dinged!"


Normally refers a Build which focuses on two or more elements in order to be more versatile.


Used to tell someone to pass their turn in a fight, usually because they can not help.

Picfail Purée

Filler term used on the Bunch of Keys when the player hasn't yet completed the newest Dungeons, not an actual Dungeon. It is an anagram of "pure epic fail". Also an 8-slot recipe for Alchemist (level 100) that is impossible to make because one of its ingredients is itself.


A leecher (alternatively leacher) is someone who joins a fight, normally just for XP, but doesn't actually contribute anything to the fight.


A list of the various commands that can be used in the chat box.

Character means the target character's name. As a general rule, anywhere you can use a character name you can also use an account name by putting an asterisk (*) in front of it. So to message the character Bill on the account Ted, you can either "/w Bill" or "/w *Ted".

Chat Commands


  • /about - Version information.
  • /aping - Display the average latency of the last packets exchanged between the client and server.
  • /available - Anyone can interact with you.
  • /away - Nobody can interact with you, but you can receive private messages.
  • /celebration - No help for command 'celebration'.
  • /cellid - Returns the id of the cell where your character can be found.
  • /clear - Clear chat contents.
  • /f [player name (or *account name)] - Adds the player or account to your friend list.
  • /fps - Displays the performance of the client.
  • /help - Displays this help message.
  • /ignore [player name (or *account name)] - Adds the player or account to your enemy list.
  • /invite [player name] - Invites the player to join the group.
  • /kick [player name] - Kicks the player out of a fight, can only be used before the fight starts.
  • /list or /players - Lists the names of players in the fight.
  • /mapid - Returns the id of the map where you character can be found.
  • /ping - Retrieves the latency between the client and the server by sending a ping message.
  • /private - Only your friends can interact with you.
  • /release - Free your soul.
  • /s or /spectator - Activate/deactivate spectator mode in your fight.
  • /solo - Nobody can interact with you.
  • /time - Display the date and time.
  • /version - Version information.
  • /whoami - Gives you information about yourself.
  • /whois - Retrieves information about a player.


  • /a [message] - Sends the message to the Alliance channel, if your Guild is part of an Alliance and your Guild leader hasn't blocked you from using it.
  • /b [message] - Sends the message to the Trade channel, to buy or sell items to players present in the surrounding area.
  • /g [message] - Sends the message to the Guild channel.
  • /p [message] - Sends the message to the Group channel.
  • /r [message] - Sends the message to the Recruitment channel, to recruit players present in the surrounding area to find a group or a guild.
  • /t [message] - Sends the message to the Team channel.
  • /w or /whisper or /msg [player name (or *account name)] [message] - Sends the private message to the player or account.
  • /think [message] - Shows the message in a thinking bubble.
  • *[message]* - Displays the message in italics in the General channel. (eg. *is bored* will be shown as is bored in the chat window.

Magic Words

These magic words can be used in all chat channels.

  • %area% - Writes the Area where your character can be found.
  • %subarea% - Writes the Subarea where your character can be found
  • %hp% or %life% - Writes the current HP of your character.
  • %hpmax% - Writes the maximum HP of your character.
  • %hpp% - Writes the current HP of your character as a percentage.
  • %pos% or %loc% or %position% or %location% - Writes the Coordinates where your character can be found.
  • %stats% - Writes the Characteristics of your character.
  • %level% - Writes the Level of your character.
  • %xp% - Writes the XP of your character as a percentage of its current Level.
  • %guild% - Writes the Guild your character is in.
  • %alliance% - Writes the Alliance your character is in.
  • %me% or %name% - Writes the name of your character.
  • %ach% or %achievement% - Writes the Achievement Points and overall Achievement progress percentage of your character.


Emotes can be shown by writing the appropriate command in the chat, to see specific Emote commands, see Emotes.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To see all keyboard shortcuts check Options -> Shortcuts in-game


Acronyms & Abbreviations
afk Away from keyboard (absent)
aggro Aggressive
AoE Area of Effect
atm At the moment
B> Buying
BR Black Rat
Brakmar Rat Dungeon
brb Be right back
cc Close combat
chall Challenge
dc Disconnected
DP Dragon Pig/Dragon Pig Dungeon
dt Dragoturkey
F2P Free-To-Play
GM Game Master
k Kama
kk 1,000 Kamas
lol Laughing out loud
LoS Line of Sight
mdr Mort de rire, French for Laughing out loud
mk Million Kamas
MOD Moderator
nvm Never mind
omw On my way
P2P Pay-To-Play
paddy Paddock
pc Price check
perc Perceptor
pm Private Message - Send a message to another player directly.
R> Recruiting
S> Selling
scara Scaraleaf
SO Soft Oak
Soft Oak Clearing
svp S'il vous plait, French for Please
wc Wrong channel
WR White Rat
Bonta Rat Dungeon
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