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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Mayor Cantile at [-77,-42]
Level required170
Other prerequisitesCurses!
Recommended level170-190
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 5,849,726), 86,352 Kamas, 7 Ice Kamas, 5 Celestial Bearbarian Tail, 5 Obsidemon Slag
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Potsan Pants (not consumed), 30,000 Kamas
SequelHot 'n' Cold

Snow Business is a quest.


Talk to Mayor Cantile at [-77,-42] in Frigost Village.

Step 1: Snow BusinessEdit

Mayor Cantile has voiced the question on everyone's lips: is there a way to lift Djaul's curse? She wants you to explore three specific routes of enquiry and see if they get you anywhere. In short, you're off to tramp around in the snow again.
  • Find out about the sect active in the Snowbound Village
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Talk to Onme Eadson at [-71,-83] in the left room of The Obsidemon's Hypogeum. She and the other NPCs will only appear there after 20:00 DUT if you're currently doing Step 3 of Supply Depot.
At this point you must have completed the quest Hot P.A.N.T.S.. You must go to the P.A.N.T.S. Antichamber inside The Obsidemon's Hypogeum between 20:00 and 08:00 DUT.
Dropped from Icy Brockhard, not 100% drop rate.

After 20:00 DUT.
If you haggle with him you can save 1 kama.
You must bring it to her after 20:00 DUT when she is inside The Obsidemon's Hypogeum. The quest will not update if you talk to Onme Eadson at The Snowbound Village during the day. You must wear Potsan Pants when talking to her.
  • Summon the Unknown Lord of Lava
L.L.L. has 12000 HP, 12 AP and 3 MP. High fire resistance and -30% water resistance. His attacks only have 1 range, so it is best to fight him from distance. He only has 40 MP loss resistance, so it is fairly easy to remove his MP. Stay out of linear LoS, as L.L.L. can attract. Other characters can join the fight and update their quest at the same time (provided they have summoned the L.L.L. themselves in the previous step).
  • Read the register in the Tower of Archives
Go upstairs and click the upper bookshelf on the right side.
  • Find the map: Ed Othnas's Field at [-68,-39]
  • Search the surroundings to find a clue
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Click on the cart. You will start a fight against two Freezing Traumatist
Other characters can join the fight.
  • Search in the cart
You will receive 1 Sack of GM Frosteez.
Depending on your Alignment.
Other characters can join the fight.
You must complete or have completed Low-Cost Heating.
Ask whether it is within his power to end the curse of Frigost.

In my power? Well, obviously. The question is: do I to...? I already tried to recover lost time, and I got into quite a fix as a result. I suppose it all depends on what you have to offer me in exchange for my services.

Say you could recommend him to all your friends on the continent.

Oho... Oho oho... I would be very interested in a fresh slice of the market. Puny little adventurerers who swear by the size oftheir tools and the extent of their attributes... It's tempting. Very tempting indeed. Yep, you've won me over. I'll lift the curse. I need a thing or two to carry out the unbewitchement, okay?

Ask what he needs.

First up, I need something from Djaul himself, since he's the one who cast the spell in the first place. It could be a hair, a claw, a fake or dry skin or a gob of spit, anything at all. If you take a walk in the Petrified Forest, you might chance upon something that the Demon Lord left behind.
Something representative of the glaciation will also be required. I think some Eternal Frost from the grottoes under the frozen waterfall is the obvious choice.

Keep listening.

Last but not least, I can't do a thing if you don't bring me some Bronzed Liquid Honey.
That symbolises the sptring that is to come, and it will also help me purify my body and mind prior to the ritual. This divine honey can only be found in the Bearbarian Antichamber. And don't go bringing me any of that shop-bought baloney, I want real honey from the Celestial Bearbarian's pipes. I'm the real deal, I think I deserve that much at least!
So, do you think you can bring me all the things I need? Don't bother coming back unless you have them all. Cheerio!

Sigh loudly, but leave to collect the ingredients.

Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Click on the small block of ice next to the skeletons on the ground at [-70,-72]
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Click on the pile of honey on the table in the third room of the Bearbarian Antichamber. Note: This is the room after the first mob.
You must complete the following objective in The Petrified Forest first before Jamie Coggut accepts the items.
  • Explore the Petrified Forest to see if Djaul left anything behind
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Talk to Lost Djaulian at [-74,-66].
The Lost Djaulian is an Iop with 8 AP, 6 MP and 6900 HP. His only spells are Djaulian Power and Djaulian Strengthstorm which are equivalent to the Iop spells Power and Strengthstorm.
Other characters cannot join the fight.
You will drop 1 Frosted Claw.
Note: To talk to Jamie Coggut and hand him the items, you must be standing next to him and your character must be facing him to talk to him with the correct options.


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