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Snowfoux Den
Difficulty 4 Very Hard
Area Frigost Island
Subarea Snowfoux Caverns
Coords [-76,-75]
Key used to enter Snowfoux Den Key
Accepts Bunch of Keys Yes
Rewards Access to The Petrified Forest
Exclusive monsters Foster Fuji Snowfoux, Tengu Snowfoux, Kami Snowfoux
Other details

Snowfoux Den is a dungeon.

Formerly known as Snowfoux Dungeon.


Snowfoux Den is found at (-76,-75) in the Snowfoux Caverns.


Entry requires giving a Snowfoux Den Key to Dave Growl, which is consumed.


Mobs do not vary. Challenging is possible.

Snowfoux Dungeon Room 1

Room 1

Room 1Edit

Snowfoux Dungeon Room 2

Room 2

Room 2Edit

Snowfoux Dungeon Room 3

Room 3

Room 3Edit

Snowfoux Dungeon Room 4

Room 4

Room 4Edit

After completing room 4 you have two options. You can either continue to room 5 or room 6.

Snowfoux Dungeon Room 5

Room 5

Room 5Edit

Snowfoux Dungeon Room 6

Room 6

Room 6Edit


Upon completing the dungeon players will be able to access The Petrified Forest. It does not matter which boss room they choose for this purpose.

It is also the only place to find Foster Fuji Snowfoux, Tengu Snowfoux and Kami Snowfoux.

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