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Sram Male Sram Sram Female

Damage Dealer Icon

Sets traps and can poison their opponents.

Debuffer Icon

Slows opponents down with traps and by summoning Doubles.

Positioner Icon

Pushes and pulls targets using their spells and traps.

Sram Information

Sram (also known as Sram's Shadow) is a class.

Srams are assassins who love purses, especially when they're full! Folding up the tails of a new tunic, exploring the bottom of a pocket, nimbly fingering through the contents, stroking the valuables and drawing out the prize is what a Sram enjoys best - apart from placing deadly traps and administering mortal blows, of course...

More InformationEdit

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Sram Class Set is the Criminal Set.

Characteristic Soft Caps:

Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1
Vitality Vit 1~∞ - - -
Wisdom Wis - - 1~∞ -
Strength Str 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞
Intelligence Int 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞
Chance Cha 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞
Agility Agi 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞


Sram spelled backward is Mars, referring to the Mars Bar, a chocolate candy bar. The name is an inside joke with the developers, along with Feca and Iop classes, all three are named after food items.