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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Juss Tafinger at [-82, -46]
Level required100
Other prerequisitesHandygirl not in progress, Emi's Ears not in progress
Recommended level130
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 3,971,945), 38,960 Kamas, 5 Ice Kamas, 10 Pair of Disposable Rustic Skis
Items required
(not provided by quest)
35 Obsidian, 2 Bread Board, 2 Iron, 2 Ironing Board, 2 Pastry Board, 2 Rescue Board

Star Ski and Dutch is a quest.


Talk to Juss Tafinger at [-82,-46] in Frigost Village


Boohoo! Nobody wants to help me. I have to make my skis, but nobody thinks they'll be any good and they're all laughing at me. I know they'll work, but I need wood. Sniff, hey, do you think, well, you could help me, maybe?

No. (ends dialogue)


You really want to? That's very nice of you. I'll tell you what I'm making in my shop: skis! What are they? Well, the principle's simple enough. They're long, thin planks of wood which you attach to your shoes. This means you can walk on snow without sinking. Brilliant, isn't it?

Very, how can I help you?

You want to help? Thank you. As I was saying, skis are made of wooden planks. Out there on our island, these are very rare. What's more, since I have to look after my shop, I can hardly leave to get some. At the moment, all my prototypes are made of lumber. It's not ideal. If you could bring me a few planks of high quality wood, that would help me enormously. I'll give you a list of types of wood I'd like to be able to work with.

I'll deal with it.

Step 1: As Thick As Four Short PlanksEdit

Find and bring back planks of different tree species.
Juss Tafinger always takes only one sort of plank at a time, so you have to talk to him four times even when bringing them all at once.

With such high-quality planks, I'll make some skis that'll let you easily glide up false flats. Many thanks!

You will lose 2 Ironing Board.



You will lose 2 Rescue Board.


Two Bread Boards? I'm not sure they'll make for good skis, but it can't hurt to try them

You will lose 2 Bread Board.


There's some top-notch wood. I thought making skis was going to be very complicated: but with such raw materials, it'll be a piece of cake.

You will lose 2 Pastry Board.

Step 2: The Philanthropy of the Master CarpenterEdit

Find tools for making skis.

Well, now I have the wood, I need some tools to work with. The ones I have here aren't made for use with wood. Could you go and see Francky in the village? He'll give you the tools. I need a chisel, a plane and a ski waxing brush.

I'm going to see Francky.
You must not have the quest Handygirl in progress in order to talk to Francky.
Say that you need tools.

You're in the right place. What sort of tools do you need?

A ski waxing brush.
A Ski Waxing Brush? Did Juss send you? Well, since I'm not a bad guy, I'd be happy to make him one. He already explained what he wanted. I didn't take him seriously, so I don't have the necessary resources on hand. I need Kanigloo Hair and Mycos Sap.
An Obsidian Chisel.
A double-bladed plane.
Find out more about the materials necessary for Juss Tafinger's tools.

I need 35 Obsidian stones for the chisel, 2 Iron for the plane, and for the waxing brush, 10 Long Kanigloo Hairs and 5 Mycos Sap. There's Mycos Sap all over the place in the Petrified Forest, but with a bit of luck you'll be able to find some traces on Cromagmunks too.

Francky Star Ski and Dutch recipes
You must take 35 Obsidian, 2 Iron, 10 Long Kanigloo Hair (100% quest drop from Kanigloo) and 5 Mycos Sap (11% quest drop from Cromagmunk or 25% quest drop from Petrified Forest monsters) to Francky to get these items.
Hand over the resources to make the chisel.
You will lose 35 Obsidian.
You will receive 1 Obsidian Chisel.
Hand over the resources to make the plane.
You will lose 2 Iron.
You will receive 1 Double-bladed Plane.
Hand over the resources to make the brush.
You will lose 10 Long Kanigloo Hair.
You will lose 5 Mycos Sap.
You will receive 1 Ski Waxing Brush.

Yes, have you brought me the tools?

Hand over the tools.
You will lose 1 Obsidian Chisel.
You will lose 1 Double-bladed Plane.
You will lose 1 Ski Waxing Brush.

Step 3: Best Foot ForwardEdit

Find a shoemaker to make the boots.

I've got the wood, I've got the tools. I'm going to be able to make skis. Thank you so much, it's going really well. There's just one small detail, though. I don't know how to make shoes. I need to join forces with a talented shoemaker. You wouldn't happen to know one, by any chance?

Go and look for a Shoemaker.
  • Find a shoemaker
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Go to the Shoemakers' Workshop at [-74,-42] and talk to Dutch.

Hello. What can I do for you?

Talk about Juss.

Juss would like us to work together to make his skis? You know what, I wouldn't mind that at all. All I'll need to do is make some special shoes. That could be interesting.

I'll go and tell Juss the news.

Step 4: Cross-Country Ski SellingEdit

Sell the skis.

He's called Dutch? I think this association is going to be very profitable! I've finished making the skis. Will you go and sell them for me? People don't come into my shop. If they could see what I was selling, they'd come in droves. Feel free to tell people outside Frigost Village about them, they might be interested too.

You will receive 1 Pair of Rustic Skis.
You will receive 1 Pair of Dark Skis.
You will receive 1 Pair of Slippery Skis.
You will receive 1 Pair of Supple Skis.
  • Sell the Rustic Skis
  • Sell the Slippery Skis
  • Sell the Dark Skis
  • Sell the Supple Skis
You must not have the quest Emi's Ears in progress in order to talk to the NPCs.
For this task you have to find 4 NPCs in and around Frigost Village and convince them to buy the skis. In order to convince them you need to have certain characteristics above a minimum, then additional conversation options get unlocked (don't choose the option which tries to convince the NPC).
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Sell Supple Skis to Ken Tucky at [-80,-46]. Required: 200+ Agility.

You're here to visit our beautiful town of Frigost? I understand completely, it's absolutely gorgeous. You want to sell me something? I see, I'm listening. I don't have a lot of time though, I'm waiting for some friends.

Suggest the Supple Skis.

Skis? What am I supposed to do with those? You can't even eat them. I'm very sorry, but I'm not interested.

Attempt to convince them.
I told you I'm not interested. Don't be so rigid in your thinking - follow your skis' example. I won't change my mind unless I'm forced to.

Demonstrate your skill. (200+ Agility required)

Wow! That's impressive, you really are very gifted. How do you do it? Do you think I could ever be as good as you? I didn't think it would be possible for a body to do anything like that with a piece of wood. Go on, I'll take a pair off you. It looks like the perfect way of keeping in shape.
You will lose 1 Pair of Supple Skis.
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Sell Slippery Skis to Lisa Kaya at [-81,-41]. Required: 200+ Chance or Strength.

Welcome. My name's Lisa. What would you like?

Suggest the Slippery Skis.

Planks you attach to the bottom of your shoes. I don't want to knock Juss's work, but don't they seem a bit useless to you?

Attempt to convince them.

Hmmmm... You don't seem like you're sure of yourself. You don't seem to think your luck will hold. Plus, you're not really physically imposing. Anyway, I'm not convinced.

Show how robust the skis are. (200+ Strength required)

Yes, well I can see they're solid. I could use them to put up some shelves. And if I ever fancy a trip over the wall, they could come in handy. Ok, I've made up my mind. I'll take them. Justin must be pleased to have found a merchant like you.

Talk up the aesthetics of skis. (200+ Chance required)

You will lose 1 Pair of Slippery Skis.
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Sell Dark Skis to Mayor Cantile at [-77,-42]. Required: 200+ Intelligence or Wisdom.

Hello, and welcome to Frigost.
As I'm sure you saw on your way over here, Frigost Village isn't looking its best, but thanks to the efforts of our brave citizens, contact has been restored with the mainland.

Talk about the Dark Skis.

Not this fad, again? Juss really is persistent. Why on earth would I buy something like that?

Attempt to convince them.
Spare me your yammering. I'm not some gullible villager; I'm the mayor of Frigost Village. Your sense of logic and wisdom seems a bit limited to me. Don't lose hope, I'm sure you have some good points.

Talk about the local economy. (200+ Intelligence required)

Well played. It's true the town's finances could benefit from a new way of doing things. I'll ask Juss if he wants to form a partnership. You're cleverer than you look. Very well, I'll buy a pair of skis then. Tell Juss to come and see me for the payment.

Talk about the election. (200+ Wisdom required)

You will lose 1 Pair of Dark Skis.
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Sell Oak Skis to Jarvi Jukkas at [-60,-59]. Required: 200+ Intelligence or Wisdom.

Yes? What do you want?

Suggest the Rustic Skis.

What? Skis? What would I need those for?

Attempt to convince her.
Well, my friend, I'm not the least bit convinced. You're a terrible salesman. You really need to work on your pitch. If you were a little cleverer - or even wiser - you'd have more luck flogging your junk.

Chat the customer up. (200+ Intelligence required)

Ah yes, I hadn't thought of that. I could always burn them if I need to. And you've assured me they'll make quite a good weapon against Pingwins. Ok, very well. I'll take the skis. Tell Juss I'll pay him next time I'm in Frigost Village.

Talk about how useful skis are. (200+ Wisdom required)

You will lose 1 Pair of Rustic Skis.

Great! You've been wonderful! My business is finally going to flourish again. I owe so much to you. Here, take this as a sign of my gratitude.


Related AchievementsEdit


Finishing this quest also makes a Ski Saleswoman appear in the Ski Maker house. This NPC sells Pair of Disposable Slippery Skis, Pair of Disposable Supple Skis, Pair of Disposable Dark Skis and Pair of Disposable Rustic Skis for 50 Kamas each. These non-exchangeable skis work similarly to Recall Potions and allow you to travel to certain places in the Frigost episode 1 area.


Star Ski and Dutch is a reference to Starsky and Hutch.

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