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A stub is an article that is too short to provide enough information on the subject, but not so short that it provides no useful information at all.

Sizable articles which lack wikification or copy editing are generally not considered stubs. Note that small articles with little information may end up being nominated for deletion.

Adding Stubs[]

To mark a page as a stub type {{stub}}. This will display a message on the page stating the page is a stub, as well as placing the page in the stub category. Please don't physically add pages to the stub category.

Removing Stubs[]

Once a stub has been properly expanded and becomes an article rather than just a stub, you or any editor may remove the stub tag from it. No administrators' action or formal permission is needed. Be bold in removing stub tags which are clearly no longer applicable.

You can help the Dofus Wikia by removing innapropriate stub notices.

Categorizing Stubs[]

The stub template is composed of two distinct parts: first, a short message stating that said article is a stub of a particular kind and encouraging editors to expand it; second, a category link, which places the article in a stub category, together with other stubs with the same subject as it.

Ideal Stubs[]

When you write a stub article, it is important to bear in mind that its main interest is to be expanded. Thus it ideally contains enough information to give a basis for other editors to expand upon. The key here is to provide adequate context; the extreme case of a very short article, with little or no context to allow expansion, is a criterion under which articles may be speedily deleted.

Locating a stub[]

  • Category:Stub the main list of stub categories and of articles contained within them