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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Danathor/Larry Poller
Other prerequisites Anonymous letter (Bonta Quest #34)
Recommended level
Total rewards 25,000 XP, Alignment level 35
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Acorn
Sequel Badges for a Good Cause (Bonta Quest #36)
Repeatable No

Tablop is a quest.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Larry Poller

You still want to help me? It's very nice of you but I have everything I need for the moment. If you've still got a need to do kind things for people, well, Grace Malcean came to see me this morning. She wanted me to treat her Tabi but I didn't have the remedy she was looking for. You'll find her to the West of Bonta.


It's not for me, I've met a Grace Malcean a little further down south and she has problems with her Tabi.
She's a member of the Bontarian Parliament and it would be harmful for my electorate if she suffered from a nervous breakdown at the moment.

Step: Grace's Tabi[edit | edit source]

In Bonta, Grace Malcean is having troubles with her Tabi.

  • Go see Grace Malcean

I am concerned about my Tabi, it was bitten by a Scurvion while I was travelling in the Sidimote Lands. It looks a bit unwell now...

Offer assistance
Thanks but only a miracle could cure my Tabi.
I have asked all the greatest specialists, doctors, druids, even magi, but they couldn't help me.
A miracle...That's all I'm asking for...

  • Find a way to save Grace's Tabi

Moo oom foond'om morocl'om sqoorrol'om nord'om ost'om oxtorom bontom moo oom.

Translation: "Find Miracle Squirrel North-East of Bonta"

Ikfik yik wik ti isik tik miricilis piwik, yik wilik nid ink gidik risinik inik ink icirnik.

Sivik ink Tibik
Isik ir piwik inik sivik tis Tibik!

You will receive 1 Miracle.
Its words translate to: "If you want to use the miracle power, you will need one good reason and one acorn" and your answer (once you have the acorn) is "Save one Tabi". It then replies "Use your power and save this Tabi!"

Moo oom holp m'om plos'om moo oom

Touch the animal
Moo oom thonks om lot moo oom !

You will lose 1 Miracle.
Translation: "Help me please." - "Thanks a lot!"

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 25,000 XP
  • Your alignment level is now 35
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