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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Matt Hematik at [-50,44]
Level required1
Other prerequisitesIt's Only Goodbye
Recommended level1-200
Total rewardsLevel-based XP (Max: 6,500,000), Kamas or Characteristic Scrolls (See the Rewards section)
Items required
(not provided by quest)

Tarada Bay's Secret is a quest.


Talk to Matt Hematik at [-50,44].

Step 1: Closer to the HeartsEdit

Matt Hematik is the curious type. He has all sorts of questions about the beach located on Vulkania’s northern coast. Why is it forbidden to the public? Is it really because of tourist-eating Raul Mops? He doesn’t believe it for a second, because holiday-makers tend to hinder digestion. It’s over to you to do some investigating and uncover the mystery of Tarada Bay!
  • Explore Tarada Bay

Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Click on shell in the middle of the map at [-55,36]
You will receive a Broken Heart.
Show the Broken Heart.

Well, well, well... what do we have here? Is this a Sauroshell Heart from Tarada Bay? Here’s the astonishing thing... Raw Sauroshells don’t live on the island’s surface, as far as I know. Might a tourist have left it there? Unlikely, as tourists tend to give their Hearts to Bonny...

Keep listening.

Incidentally, I’ve always wondered what all those organs could be used for after they’ve been collected... a question which leads to another question! Now, this is becoming fascinating! What about if you went to have a chat with Dina Tapio to find out a bit more about these famous Hearts, hmmm?
While you’re at it... once you’ve discovered... I reckon his reaction might give us some useful information too.

Go to see the Dracologist.


These vital organs are just like their owners: explosive. I’m not at liberty to disclose any more information about them.

Insist, claiming that you want to write a book on Vulkanian Dreggons.

Well, in that case... Between Dracologists, we have to support one another. Have you noticed that the Hearts remain intact even when the Sauroshell dies? That’s an astonishing property. Some people have hypothesised that they could even start beating again!

Pretend to take notes.

As a Sauroshell grows up, its Heart becomes stable. But even if it’s not a walking bomb any more, the creature lodging this Dreggon is ever-changing. I haven’t yet been able to observe all the successive phases up until elemental maturity... but I believe I understand the key principles of their evolution.

Thank her for these details and go to see Tony Bleurgh.

Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
You need to complete the Divine Divinity quest to enter the house, when inside click on the papers on the table
You will receive a Cryptic Message.
You will lose a Cryptic Message.
  • Find the fairy mentioned in the message

Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Enter Bar Racuda at [-44,44] and click on the plate at the table at the back of the room
You find a Fairywork hidden under a pile of rotten rations.
You will receive a Smuggled Fairywork.
  • Think fairy rationally at the tip of Tarada Bay

Head to [-53,37].
Use the Smuggled Fairywork.
You will lose the Smuggled Fairywork.
  • Find the map: Tarada Bay Beach

Head to [-55,36].

Talk to Captain Ebrous to either flee or start a fight against Rogue Fort, Captain Ebrous and Artich Rogue.

You can choose between two kinds of rewards depending on whom you talk with. You can either choose one of two different Characteristic Scrolls from Matt Hematik or get Kamas from Tony Bleurgh.


  • Level-based XP (Max: 6,500,000)
Character level Scrolls from Matt Hematik Kamas from Tony Bleurgh
1~50 1 Small Vitality Scroll or 1 Small Wisdom Scroll 10,000
51~100 2 Small Vitality Scroll or 2 Small Wisdom Scroll 25,000
101~150 1 Great Vitality Scroll or 1 Great Wisdom Scroll 50,000
151~200 2 Great Vitality Scroll or 2 Great Wisdom Scroll 75,000