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The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

Temporary Death is a quest available.

Obtaining Edit

  • Talk to Brett Ernal at (6,7) in Incarnam. This quest is not available on Heroic servers (Oto Mustam).

Hello my friend... it's your lucky day, roll up, roll up... I'm offering you the one-time chance of a lifetime... but, let's not dwell on life... I'm talking about the other side, the dark side of the moon, the third side of the coin... how about it? Trust me, everything's under control!

You're asking me to die? What on earth's wrong with you?
I think I should trust you, but why do I have to live this?
Ahh, you remind me of me when I was your age... Now, concentrate, I'm gonna put a tiny little spell on you. You won't feel a thing... after a while.
Very well. Do it.
All this seems really strange to me. We'll postpone the experience.

Quest started. You lose 10,000 Energy points

Step 1 : Back into Shape Edit

Brett Ernal turned you into a ghost. Use the phoenix to get your strength back.

  • Find map 'The phoenix will bring you back to life.'
(Click on the orange statue in the middle of the clearing)


Now that wasn't too bad, was it.? You're a brave little traveller, aren't you. All my customers get a complimentary gift. Take this, it'll come in handy, believe me. You need to get your strength back, child. Go and see Fattumy, buy him a beer for me, and have one yourself! In exchange for the beer, I'll give you all your energy back.

I'm on my way

1 Ghetto Raid Potion, Starts the Recovery quest.

NOTE: Not available on heroic server for obvious reasons (permanent death).