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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Captain Starky at [-33,-56]
Other prerequisitesNabur's Lost Love, Mount Taming, The First Time, Pregnant Or Just Fat?
Recommended level100
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 2,457,000), 28,752 Kamas, 2 Almond Dragoturkey Tail, 2 Ginger Dragoturkey Tail
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Wild Almond Dragoturkey, 1 Wild Ginger Dragoturkey, 1 Wild Golden Dragoturkey
SequelThe Cania Bandits
Leads to DofusEmerald Dofus quest 5 of 8
Emerald Dofus

The Birth of a Mission is a quest.


Talk to Captain Starky at [-33,-56].

Note: If you are a Brakmarian and have started but not completed the alignment quest:Kain Dharyn's Crystal, you can't begin this quest yet, as the Captain Starky NPC will not be present at the militia until you complete that Brakmarian Alignment Quest step.

Step 1: The Birth of a MissionEdit

According to Captain Starky, an enraged breeder has paid some delinquents to desecrate the statue of the god Iop that sits imperiously at the entrance to the militia building. It would seem that this incident is linked to Dark Vlad's appearance a few days ago. Find out who's behind all this and try to figure out what his motives were.
  • Find the culprits behind this desecration
  • Teach Edemaga how to tame a mount
  • Teach Edemaga how to breed two mounts
  • Teach Edemaga how to help a mount give birth
  • Study the archway in the Breeders' Quarter
  • Go to [-34,-57] and click on the arc on the outside of the map
  • He is at [-4,-9]. Talking to him kills you, costing 10K energy
The needle of the compass has melted, as if affected by an intense heat. There's little doubt that it will be useless now.


Related AchievementsEdit

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