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The End of Eternity is an Achievement.


Complete the following quests and achievements:
Access to Otomai Island (to obtain the below quest from Otomai)
Access to Pandala (to capture required souls)
Access to Bottomless Peat Bog and Putrid Peat Bog (to capture required souls)

Note: Some monsters may only be found in closed alliance territories, such as Dopple Village and Feudala Village, at certain times, which may require you to temporarily join that alliance or to buy the necessary soul stone on the market.

Acquire the Soul Capture spell by:
1) Completing the Bulb Cavern dungeon or
2) Using the Spell Scroll: Soul Capture


Complete the following Ochre Dofus quest:


  • Title: << Soul Searcher >>
  • Level-Based XP
  • 43,980 Kamas
  • Ochre Dofus (given at end of quest, which coincides with achievement)