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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro
Other prerequisitesAssault on the Patrol (Bonta Quest #58)
Recommended level
Total rewards158,000 XP, Alignment level 59, 2,000 Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
2 Red Scaraleaf Carapace, 2 White Scaraleaf Carapace, 1 Magical Cure, 1 Major Arachnee Leg, 1 Amber
SequelDelayed Attack (Bonta Quest #60)

The Grafioze Curse is a quest.


Bisham Pot reported some very troubling news. Brakmar seems to have realised that our equipment is weak, and they are preparing a huge attack! We've started equipping our militans with better items thanks to Nara, but you'll need to get into the Tower of Brakmar to see if you can gather any more information about their plan.

Go see Danathor.

Step: The Grafioze Grimoire.Edit

Danathor needs your services again to find the Bwork Magus spellbook said to contain the Grafioze curse.


Hello. I was waiting for you. I think enough time has passed. While you were out bravely fighting the Brakmarians, I sent other militians to find out about this Bwork Magus. The Sadidas weren't too talkative, but Touh Flowa, Sadadi Sama's disciple in Astrub, made an exception to the rule, without telling too many people. Continue the investigation from there, and good luck. Jiva is watching.


Time for a snooze now... *yawns*

Ask about the old Bwork Magus Spellbook.

Waa, that's not cool. If I tell you what you want to know will you let me sleep? So open your ears, I won't say this twice, I don't have the energy. Sadida himself hid the spellbook in a prizzz... huh, what? Who are you...ah yes, I was telling you about... ok, you'll find the spellbook in a vegetal prison created by Sadida himself. He's a very cool guy is our god. How do you get in there? Ahhh, well, chill out, don't get worked up. Drink a Dizbi tea, that'll calm your nerves. The entrance is in the Dark Treechnid Forest, yup, that's where it is. You don't look so interested anymore... you ok?

Ask for more information.

Let me warn you before you get too caried away that you won't be able to get in just like that, not in your wildest dreams. Sadida has protected the inner entrance to stop anyne who doesn't respect his power from stealing the book. If I were you I'd play it cool, you know, have a bit of respect for the will of the gods. I'd probably go look for the magic horn of Sufokia. ... But since you seem determined, I'll show you where the way in is. Then you can let me get back to my siesta. Ahhhhhhem....

End dialogue.

Step 2: Bushwhacking.Edit

Touh Flowa showed you where the entrance to the vegetal prison was. He seemed to have his head in the clouds. You better pray he didn't leave anything out!

  • Find the map: Vegetal prison entrance.
Go to [-12,-6]. You may want to bring the following items with you, just in case they don't drop in the upcoming fights:

  • Find the Old Bwork Spellbook.
Have a male and female Sadida stand on the tiles next to the totems, then walk onto the central tile. Bring at least one Sadida with you. Once you enter the next room, fight the Scaraleaf mob (two of each colour level 139, totalling 8)
In the next room, place 1 Red Scaraleaf Carapace and 1 White Scaraleaf Carapace on the corresponding colored tiles, one on each, meaning a total of 2 of each Carapace. The door should then open after standing on the free tile.
In the next room, fight a mob consisting of:

All of these monsters are the same as their non-alignment quest counterparts, they're just scaled up.

When you are done with the fight, place a Magical Cure, Amber and a Major Arachnee Leg on the three tiles (start from the bottom left tile then work your way across the images on the tiles should help). After that have your Sadi stand on the tile with the Doll like face and then someone doing the quest on the last tile and the gate should open.
In the next room, fight a mob consisting of:

All of these monsters are the same as their non-alignment quest counterparts, they're just scaled up.

Once you complete the fight, you will be in the final room. Click on the book in the middle of the room.
You've received 1 Old Bwork Spellbook


Hello, have you come with the Bwork Magus Spellbook?

Hand over the spellbook.

You are an honour to your uniform and to our city. Here's 2000 Kamas for you, you deserve them. The pictures in this old spellbook are highly obscene. I reckon there must be some horrific spells in here, we should be able use them to crush Brakmar once and for all. I'm going to take the doll too, she may prove useful and in any case, you have no need for it. If I need you again, I'll give you a call. You may leave now.

End dialogue.

You've lost 1 Old Bwork Spellbook
You've lost 1 Enchanted Doll


  • You've earned 158,000 experience points.
  • Your alignment level is now 59.
  • You've earned 2,000 Kamas.
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