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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Oto Mustam at [-26,36]
Level required170
Other prerequisitesMaking a Handle (Brakmar Quest #73)
Recommended level174
Total rewardsAlignment Level 74, Level-Based XP (Max: 5,730,069)
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Dark Treechnee Bark, 1 Dark Treechnid Root, 1 Magic Dark Dye, 1 Venerable Treechnid Root
SequelThe Sword Stinks (Brakmar Quest #75)

The Hammer Hitocracy is a quest.


Talk to Oto Mustam at [-26,36] in Brakmar.


NPCs text.

Step 1: The Hammer HitocracyEdit

Find out more about the Hammer Hitocracy in the library and the smiths' workshops.
You will enter a fight against 3 Level 174 Forge Guard.
Other characters can join the fight.
Talk to Kosuke Ichazum.
You will receive 1 Morrow Bone.
You will receive 1 Magic Shadowy Dye Recipe.
If you lose Morrow Bone, you can get another one from Kaffra Keeper for 1,000 kamas during this quest.
Crafted by an Alchemist (Lv. 174) from
  • Find the map: Exorcism Room
Go down to the basement of the Tower of Brakmarian Orders and find a passage behind a bookshelf.

Tower of Brakmarian Orders Secret Room

  • Carry out the exorcism under the Tower of Brakmar
You will need to bring 2 other Brakmarian Characters (if you are one of the needed Orders, you may stand on a tile as well and only need to bring 1 other Character), one with a Rank 3 Unsound Mind Order (finished the quest Apprenticeship: Follower of Pain), the other with a Rank 3 Putrid Eye Order (finished the quest Apprenticeship: Soul Hunter).
Characters with the Unsound Mind Order and the Putrid Eye Order need to stand on the black triangle tiles, while the character without the required Order needs to stand on the square tile.

Tower of Brakmarian Orders Secret Room 2

You will enter a fight against 1 Level 174 Light Spirit.
Other characters can join the fight, the map has 4 starting positions.


  • Level-Based XP (Max: 5,730,069)
  • Alignment Level 74
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