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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Doctor Nah at [-55,4]
Other prerequisites None
Recommended level 90
Total rewards Level-based XP, 9,880 Kamas, 1 Polished Ball
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel None
Repeatable No

The Hidden Son is a quest.



My son, Bugsbu Nauh, my sweet beloved wabbit is stuck in this abandonned lab and I don't know how to help him out. He won't come back and I don't dare go and look for him on my own, I'm too scared of the creatures I could find there.
Could you go for me?

Enter the laboratory.

Step 1: Looking for the Hidden Son[]

The Doctor Nauh lost his son in a lab filled with wild terrible creatures. You must find him and make sure that he's still alive!
To get to Bugsbo Nee, you must go through the Hidden Laboratory, which is like a dungeon
  • Fight your way through the four rooms of the minidungeon. For details on each room see the spoiler.
Room 1: 1 Polished Crackler
Room 2: 1 Plain Pikoko
Room 3: 1 Kilibriss, 1 Mufafah
Room 4: 1 Kido, 1 Kilibriss



If you wish to re-enter the Hidden Laboratory you will need to give 1 Polished Brain Fragment to Doctor Nah.