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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Oto Mustam at [-26,36]
Level required 30
Other prerequisites The Execution (Brakmar Quest #7)
Recommended level 38
Total rewards Alignment Level 8, Level-Based XP (Max: 68,681)
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Burnt Cat Inn Beer
Sequel A Regretful Oversight (Brakmar Quest #9)
Repeatable No

The Honour Guards Must Be Punished is a quest.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Talk to Oto Mustam at [-26,36].


I heard some of my soldiers haven't been wetting their whistle while on duty... Irksome, that. Beer and wine are good for trade and good for morale. Go round to all the taverns and find out which fools aren't taking breaks! Start with Warrior Sivart Bicelk.


Step 1: Important Investigation[edit | edit source]

Check the activities of the Brakmarian guards and make a report on those who do not take a break.
You will receive 1 List of Soldiers Taking a Break.
  • Learn about the taverns
Go to the Burnt Cat Inn at [-26,41] and talk to the Anonymous Drunkard, you will need to give him 1 Burnt Cat Inn Beer.
You will lose 1 Burnt Cat Inn Beer.
You will receive 1 List of Soldiers Taking a Break.
  • Make a report and give it to Oto
Talk to Warrior Bishom Pot at [-29,31] and show him the two lists.
You will receive 1 Bishom Pot's Confession.
Talk to Warrior Xale DuGros at [-27,34].
You will receive 1 Warrior Xale Dugros' Confession.
Talk to Warrior Nager Nacmeil at [-30,33].
You will receive 1 Warrior Nager Nacmeil's Confession.
Talk to Oto Mustam.

Now, that's interesting! A few people have earned themselves a whipping tonight, and this time they won't enjoy it... Well done!

You will lose the 3 confessions and the 2 lists.
Be sure to talk to Oto Mustam again to start your leave (see below).

A Minute Leave[edit | edit source]


I'm quite satisfied with your work, what else do you want?

Ask for a mission.

I've no tasks for you now. I'll talk about you at the meeting of the Three Heads tonight. We'll be discussing your future. You're granted a short leave. Go wild in the taverns, you've earned it.

You must now wait 1 minute before doing the next quest.
Ask for a mission.

You're on leave! Haven't I told you?

NOTE: You must speak to Oto Mustam to have the 1 minute period start.
You will receive 1 Signed and Dated Leave stating the starting hour of your day's leave.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Level-Based XP (Maximum: 68,681)
  • Alignment Level 8
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