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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Captain Ardier at [-46,-25]
Level required50
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level100
Total rewards1 Hungry Planet Guide - Discover Frigost
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelA Frosty Mayor

The Icefields is a quest.

For the area of a similar name, see Icefields.


Talk to Captain Ardier at [-46,-25].


Ahh, it's nice to see a new face! Hello hello, I'm Captain Ardier, master of the Sanguine, the magnificent ship you can see here behind me. Isn't she beautiful? This proud galleon broke the ice of Frigost, braved the waves of the Antinau Sea and landed here in Amakna. Impressed? Of course you are, but what's even more impressive is that she's ready to set sail again and head due north to the port of Frigost. I bet you don't know anything about Frigost, do you? Why don't you come along too? You look like the adventurous sort, and throughout the journey, I'll regale you with tales of this magical island, as dangerous as a woman scorned, but full of unparalleled wealth.

Head to Frigost Island.

Step 1: A Nomadic PeopleEdit

Captain Ardier has offered you a magnificent cruise on his authentic ship to visit the remote Frigost Island.

You see, the crossing isn't too bad, is it? We're lucky to have such a clear sky. If it continues like this, our journey will be a short one and we'll get to Frigost early. By Alma, it's good to talk to new friends! Tell me matey, do you know much about our beloved island, Frigost? Let me tell you about the delights it contains. Frigost is an island covered with ice and snow. But it wasn't always so. Long ago there were green pastures, golden shores and proud, pristine snow-capped mountains, ah, it was a sight to behold! A more beautiful land you will never hope to set foot on. But man's folly and the treachery of Count Harebourg condemned our beautiful island. But you see, our island is still beautiful. Who else can boast of fields of pure white? Or a lake of pure, frozen water, that you can walk across? I can see I've piqued your interest. Come see me later and I'll tell you what I know about the inhabitants.

Continue the journey.


Ah, there you are. matey! Let me tell you a little about the island's inhabitants. We are strong and courageous, and in spite of the cold weather that prevails, we have all managed to adapt and overcome the challenge. We're also ingenious; our homes are warm thanks to our steam pipeline. We have adapted, you see. You'll notice pretty quickly that the creatures have also acclimatised. You'll see, you'll be warmly welcomed by all Frigost's citizens. If there's one person you should watch out for, though, it's the Count and his clique. They're an evil bunch who betrayed the Frigostians. Who's the Count? Oh, don't worry, I'm about to get to that bit!

Continue the journey.


If you want to hear the truth about Frigost and Count Harebourg, you've come to the right place. I know the truth, and despite what some people say, it's the whole truth! You see, a long time ago, we all worked for the Count. We were blinded by his unrealistic promises. His thirst for power went to his head. How could one man have such pretentions? Wanting to be the equal of a god - such arrogance! His acts could not remain unpunished and the island suffered Djaul's wrath. The Count, that traitor, remains sequestered in his castle and woe betide anyone who dares to challenge him.

Continue the journey.


There you go, that was fine, wasn't it! You're finally on Frigost, well, in its port, anyway. If you're a little lost, don't hesitate to talk to Haka, he knows a lot of people and will show you around.


Related AchievementsEdit

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